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What are these craft junk Weavers up to?  Repurposing banners. Are you an #eltonjohn fan #eltonjohnfan  whilst not finished this skirt and top is put together with recycled coffee bags which we weave. This is unique. One off world wide creation. What will we do with it when it’s finished? #elton has anyone repurposed your banners?  Nothing is wasted here in #Cairns #Australia. Would this unique creation suit your #eltoncollection?  Contact the #junk_weavers inc on our Facebook page or website for more info. Pictures of final dress coming soon #weavingrecycledmaterials #recycle #upcycle #recycledfashion #recycledcoffeebags #recycledbanners #loveeltonjohn #onlyinAustralia #weavingrecycledmaterials #australiancreation #oneoff #unique #collectors #collectorsitem                                               

Eco Fashion Week Australia collaborates with designers, artists, activists, community, media, businesses and educational programs, as well as local governments, to raise awareness for environmentally conscious fashion.

On November 7th and 19th last year in Port Douglas and Fremantle, there was a truly memorable item (pictured above). The woman behind the Elton John dress is Michelle Torrens, who heads up Cairn’s Junk Weavers, a group of women who weave pet food bags, chip packets, junk mail, and other items headed for the landfill, into new products. She shared her thoughts–and a very special offer–with

EJW: Did the dress receive a warm reception?

MT: It was a hit and has been featured by international press.

EJW: Has your company ever done anything like this before?

MT: This was a first for the Junk Weavers and we had so much fun and laughs doing it.

EJW: What was it made from?

MT: We used Elton John banners {from his 2017 Cairns concert} combined with coffee bag weaves.

We think that there is someone out there who would love this dress. Its a one off, unique collectable.


So if you’d like to make an offer or have further inquiries, just leave a message on the Junk WeaversFacebook page.

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