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David Seaton is a Film and TV location manager who lives and works mostly in the UK. One of his more high-profile projects was Gnomeo and Juliet, and he spoke about this with
EJW: How did you wind up getting the job, and what was the experience like?
DS:  I’m not sure how Rocket Pictures got hold of my name but I received a call from their Production Manager asking if I could go out and scout for gardens full of gnomes. My photographs were to be used as reference by the Production Designer and the animation team. 
Basically, I went out and scoured the UK for garden gnomes in their natural settings (ie, gardens).  I would then contact the owners, explain what i was doing and then, with their permission I would photograph their gardens from every conceivable angle, often from very low down in order to give a gnomes perspective on the scene. In some cases I would also photograph the inside of the houses which were attached to these wild and wacky gnome gardens in order to give the design team ideas for interiors.
EJW: In 1997, you were involved with a Spice Girls project, isn’t that right?
DS: Yes, I was Production Coordinator on Spice World, where Elton made a cameo. Roger Moore, Elvis Costello, Bob Geldof and Stephen Fry were some of the others who took part.
EJW: Was Gnomeo and Juliet the only animated feature you have worked on?
DS: This was the first (and so far) last time I have worked on an animated movie.  Actually, I tell a lie – I also managed a location in the UK for the film Gravity which, I guess, is mostly computer animated. 
Incidentally, Gravity has received ten Oscar nominations, ranging from Best Picture to Visual Effects.

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