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An establishment in Wales which has hosted a wide range of pop names is trying to raise funds for refurbishment. No one famous is involved as of this writing, but Queen’s Hall has had events with the likes of Elton; the Troggs; Hot Chocolate; Cat Stevens; the Kinks; Amen Corner; Dave Clark Five; the Animals; and the Lovin’ Spoonful.

This Web site’s Chief Editor asked Sue Lewis, manager of the Narberth site, about the former’s visit.
After some ”detective work,” Sue came across a flyer which she sent a copy of.
It says that the ”chart and Top of the Pops star” appeared with his backing players, Nigel Olsson and Dee Murray, ”former members of the Spencer Davis Group,” and was supported by Spinning Wheel at a ”Grand Dance” on Saturday, June 13th, 1970.
Lewis then sent EJW and other media outlets a press release with more details. It includes a memory from Penally’s

Robert Joseph.

“I along with half of Tenby headed for Narberth. It was a lovely summer’s evening and the town was buzzing, every pub from the Angel and the Eagle to the Farmers’ Arms was packed,” he reported.

“Elton’s first words when he came on were ‘Give me a few minutes the (bleep) piano is out of tune’ as he was using the Queen’s Hall piano. He then proceeded to tune, cannibalise and mike up the piano which had never been played like this before!”

He added: “We were in the presence of a genius, a wonderful showman and we watched in amazement as Elton played with his head and his feet and sometimes with his hands and brought the house down!”

The audience were treated to one of the first performances of Your Song which went on to make Elton a global name.

Tickets were just 12 shillings and sixpence (60p) – compared to the £800 tickets on offer now for the rocker’s farewell tour.

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