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A while back, Walesonline had a photo of an edible homage to Elton. It was created by Cakes by Clair, and a representative from the enterprise has subsequently revealed the story behind the treat to EJW.

EJW: Your cake contained a ‘Captain Fantastic’ logo. What was this made from? Also, did Elton help with the design?
CBC: Eirias Stadium {which Elton played in 2015} usually asks us to go with our own design. We really liked the idea of a royal blue base cake with edible diamond embellishments to match the performer’s own flamboyant jackets.
The ‘Captain Fantastic’ bit was made by printing edible colouirng onto wafer paper.
EJW: How about the other parts?
CBC: We included a spinning piano. We chose a piano as this is iconic for Elton, and also did a few of his favourite glasses from past and present, all made from sugar.
The base cake was vanilla sponge, whilst the piano and top cakes were chocolate chip truffle.
EJW: What other entertainers have you worked with?
CBC: We’ve made a few cakes for other performers at the same venue including Jessie J and Tom Jones. We also did a birthday cake for Lionel Richie.
EJW: Do you know if Elton and/or his entourage ate the dessert?
CBC: I’m not sure how much of his entourage ate the cake–but am pretty sure there was enough for everyone, as it was a very big cake!

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