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The GOAT live in Paris! – 21,27,28/06/2023

By Katarzyna Bugaj

At the end of June I was at 3 unforgettable and breathtaking Elton’s shows, this time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It was a really special time for me, largely thanks to my Elton friends I met here: my French friend and my American friends who I met in LA and in Paris we saw each other again after 7 months. You can say: Elton brings people together from all over the world.

On the first day, while visiting the Louvre, I met my friends from the USA who I had met in LA at Dodger Stadium. I knew they were supposed to come to Paris to see Elton but I didn’t think we would bump into each other completely by chance! It was an amazing coincidence.

In Paris, I managed to meet Elton’s band. I talked to them and gave them magnets with Elton’s photo. They were very kind and funny. I brought photos of them taken by me and although I never cared to collect any autographs, I asked them to sign. Ray Cooper laughed when I said he looked like a real English gentleman. Kim Bullard immediately recognised me and said: “Ooo, Kate from Poland is here!”. He introduced me to his wife Cece and his daughter Katy Rose. Katy liked my glowing necklace with Elton’s logo on it (a souvenir from Dodger Stadium). I, in turn, said I knew and liked her songs. Davey Johnstone also recognised me and was pleased to see me again. He also signed me his album ‘Deeper Than My Roots’ (which I love and highly recommend – it has a great 70s vibe). Matt Bissonette was the last one I met. He said to one of the hotel staff who was taking our photo: “She’s famous” 🙂 My only regret is that we couldn’t talk longer but everyone was already getting ready to leave for the show.

All the shows in Paris were incredible – Elton and the band were on fire, as always. Elton was full of energy, love and happiness, he also spoke in French to the audience for a while. I don’t know why but his voice gets better the older he gets… At the first show there was a surprise waiting for him – someone gave him a beautiful large drawing of Lady Gaga and his sons. You could see that it moved him. At the last show I spotted Lenny Kravitz. He was standing together with Davey’s wife. When Davey came off stage, they greeted each other – it was clear they knew each other well.

I also decided to recreate Elton’s photos from Paris from the 80s: near the Eiffel Tower and in the café ‘Les Deux Magots’. Elton and Bernie Taupin sat outside this café in 1980. The photo was taken by Terry O’Neill.

I’m very grateful to my fan friends – I had a lot of fun with them and received so much kindness and help from them. I feel lucky to have met so many wonderful people and I hope our paths will cross again one day. And Elton’s shows make me the happiest person in the world!

And even though I was unlucky at the end of the trip: my flight to Poland was cancelled due to a strike, I was stuck in Paris and lost money, I feel a lot of gratitude and joy. I will never forget it. Au revoir, Paris…

Photos courtesy of Katarzyna Bugaj

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