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As the Farewell tour closes, there will be a lot of emotions. We have found a way for you to channel that real time. Read on!

Like Elton John, we are active on social media. Today we joined THREADS the new chat and soundbites app from Instagram.

Meta, the owners of Instagram, launched the app to compete with rival Twitter.

Although Elton quit Twitter recently, we remain on that platform, but we have noticed it is a bit sluggish. So we opened an Instagram last week in anticipation of the advent of Threads. You can read more about Threads here.

Meta launched Threads at midnight and we were one of the first in the queue to secure our account. There are already over 10 million users of the new app.

How to get your Threads

Instagram rolled out the new app in 100 countries today. But we are hearing that some European countries don’t yet have it. So be patient. It will come!

Point your smartphone at the QR code in our image ➡️. This will invite you to open your web browser on your smartphone. If you already have Instagram it will invite you to download the app called Threads – an App from Instagram

If you don’t yet have an installed Instagram account on your smartphone, it will ask you to sign up with Instagram. Bingo!

Then you can start following us and joining in the world’s biggest Elton John convo! See you there! See you on elton john world!

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