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A Boon in June

Elton and his band have received Billboard awards for making history. That’s because Farewell Yellow Brick Road is the highest-grossing tour ever. What’s more, Elton has become the highest-grossing solo artist and top ticket-selling solo artist ever, netting nearly $2 billion and selling over 20 million tickets since Billboard Boxscore began keeping track of such data 40 years ago.  Bernie Taupin, who attended the event at Elton’s Windsor home, was also honoured.

Bernie, as you know, has been chosen as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.  He is glad to be ”living in the same house as Little Richard, Johnny Cash, and Link Wray.”

Meanwhile, Bernie has been looking at property–not for a house but a new studio space to create art. The lyricist, who lives outside Los-Angeles, says that when it comes to materials, ”anything is fair game,” including wax, wire, wood, and ash. Fire is involved, too. In fact, ”flame is my friend,” he says.

Judging from a recent photo backstage in Glasgow, Scotland, Susan-Boyle and Elton appear to be good friends. Folks were happy to see the Britain’s Got Talent star since she had suffered a stroke last year. One fan suggested that Susan and Elton ought to get together in the studio.

Elton hasn’t mentioned Susan, but he would like to team up with young performers such as Saint Harison and Joesef. There’s also Ryan Beatty, who wrote a song, Ribbons, that’s ”beyond belief.”

It’s beyond belief that Elton wasn’t planning to hit the charts with Dua Lipa and Pnau, two successful contemporary acts. While proud that Cold Heart is in still in the Australian Top 50, he  suggested to the-Hollywood-Reporter that it was a surprise. Elton was less chatty about another project. He just said it would be ”very soon” that he’d be working on his own album. He is also considering doing a residency after his tour. But he told the Radio Times it wouldn’t be in America.

In England, Elton believes the media’s coverage of Phillip Schofield has been homophobic. Phillip left ITV’s This Morning after admitting to an affair with a much younger male colleague. Elton is sure journalists wouldn’t blink an eye if the relationship was between a straight fellow and a much younger woman.

In America, Elton thinks that gay rights have been infringed upon. He cited the situation in Florida, where doctors can refuse to treat LGBTQ+ people.

Elton should be pleased, though, about the upcoming inauguration of Latvia’s first openly gay president, Edgars Rinkevics. This will happen on 8 July, which happens to be when the final Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert will be staged in Stockholm, Sweden.

Remember Marmite’s Elton-John tribute last year? The limited edition Rocketman jars raised at least 40,000 pounds for the star’s AIDS charity. Now Marmite has come out with another container to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. This is really limited edition since only four of them exist. Shaped like a pyramid to mark Elton’s Glastonbury appearance on the Pyramid Stage, one of these jars is now on eBay, while another has been presented to Elton. The third has been received by Glastonbury, and the fourth is being kept at Marmite’s factory.

Hunter-Boots has created wellies with crystals to celebrate Elton at Glastonbury. And starting today, the company is offering a tall, less glittery pair of boots at the Elton John Eyewear pop-up London store. Both contain the trademark ”E” logo. We can’t help but think of the I-Don’t-Wanna-Go-On-With-You-Like-That line, ”one more set of boots on your welcome mat.”

Another recognition is hardly a surprise: Elton has been named the top celebrity spectacle wearer. That was the verdict after Specsavers polled two thousand Britons.

Lots more than that, of course, attended the Glastonbury festival, but not everyone was happy. There were complaints about overpriced food and drinks.

Happily, there’s no fee to listen to Stuart-Epps on our latest podcast. He was Elton’s sound engineer in the early days, and continues to be active in the music industry.

And happily, there were surprises–as promised–during Elton’s Glastonbury gig last night. The Gabriels’ Jacob Lusk joined Elton for Are You Ready For LoveStephen Sanchez came onstage for his own song, Until I Found You; and Brandon Flowers from the Killers came on for Tiny Dancer. This was followed by Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Rina Sawayama. And while Elton often performs Your Song last, this time he switched to Rocket Man, which seemed longer and more emotional than usual . . . almost as if sorry to be saying goodbye.

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