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To Be Continued: ‘Rocket Man Resale’ is Back

Did you get a chance to bid on the Rocket Man Resale EJAF auction on eBay . . . or want another opportunity?

If so, you’re in luck. More goods are available, through the 15th of July, and that includes more Yohji Yamamoto outfits.

Elton wore a lot of the designer’s creations during his Red Piano engagement in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, during Yamamoto’s fashion show in spring 2005, a Vogue reviewer thought of Elton, eyeing the striped robes, shirts with shredded fronts, and ”tracksuit detailing on trousers and tops” (tracksuits being an EJ fashion staple).

Gianni Versace is here, too, with shirts, loafers, and robes.

The most unusual item this time around is Patrick Cox‘s Skull luggage bag.

And like the previous offerings, this refreshed shop features items from Elton’s old home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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