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Elton and David: Entertainment Tonight 2024

Elton John and David Furnish joined Entertainment Tonight to bring some new updates to Elton fans. The two talked about the end of touring, current artists in the music industry, upcoming projects, and more, all in a recent interview.

One of Elton’s latest ventures has been opening his own eBay store, Rocket Man Resale. The store contains pre-loved fashion from Elton’s wardrobe and benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation. When talking about the foundation’s work, David discussed how the store’s proceeds will benefit:

“One of the key things we have to continue to address with HIV/AIDS is stigma and LGBTQ+ stigma, so the proceeds from this sale specifically during Pride Month will go towards that initiative which is great because we have to break down as many barriers as we can to people wanting to get tested and wanting to take medication for HIV.”

As far as touring, Elton is more than satisfied with how he finished his touring career. When describing the final show of the tour in Stockholm, Elton said:

“The last show in Stockholm on the Farewell Tour after Glastonbury, got in the car and went, ‘Yes!’ We went out on the biggest high, this is the way I wanted to, and there’s no going back for that.”

Elton made the decision to stop touring in order to spend more time with his family. Speaking on the topic, David spoke about their two sons, Zachary and Elijah, and not wanting to miss anything as they get older:

“We’ve got our sons, you know, they’re getting into their teenage years now, they’re 13 and 11, and we don’t want to miss anything. We want to be present for that.”

Although Elton has stopped touring, he has not stopped his love for music. Known for being up to date on the latest in the music industry, Elton also praised a number of current artists, specifically women currently making music:

“The girls, it’s Sabrina Carpenter, Chappell Roan-all the girls are doing it, they’re cracking it, they’re killing it, and it’s so fantastic to see. You know, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, it’s all the girls and it’s about time and they’re all doing great stuff.”

As for upcoming projects, a documentary about Elton will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, in September. In talking about what the documentary will feature, David discussed what can be expected:

“It’s actually a documentary about Elton’s whole life and we go back and forth between the beginnings of his career and his rise to fame and then to the present day, so you kind of get this juxtaposition of what it was like for him and the struggles he faced, you know, becoming Elton John and leaving behind Reg Dwight and into the present day, so you can see all the sort of highlights and wonderful moments of his life today and how his life has been transformed.”

Will there be more from Elton for fans to look forward to, this year? In the words of David, “You’re getting a lot of Elton this year!”

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