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Wouldn’t an Elton John performance make a fine birthday gift?

That’s what transpired on 23 June in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, at the Chatham Bars Inn. The celebration, attended by former New England Patriots player Tom Brady and team owner Robert Kraft, was for Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown‘s wife, Anna, who was turning 62. Party planner Marcy Blum told the Cape Cod Times that Greg and Anna danced onstage, next to Elton. He serenaded them with Your Song, which was ”very sweet.”


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Jim Wilson once enjoyed a private performance–of Elton’s new song Live Like Horses, as mentioned in Jim’s autobiography, Tuned In. The piano tuner and technician is also happy he got the ball rolling between Elton and Yamaha: Jim suggested that his client try a Yamaha model when a touring piano was out of commission.

Unfortunately, the author once got an earful from Elton, who wasn’t satisfied with the sound of his piano. He was even ready to walk away from the concert. Jim told the Elton Blog it didn’t help that only Ray Cooper was onstage. He thinks Elton may have been uncomfortable because he was used to being with the whole band.

Producer Stuart Epps has worked with performers ranging from Led Zeppelin to Elton. On the 30th of August, at Upstairs at the Gatehouse in London, England, the recent Radio Elton John World guest will discuss Elton’s rise to fame and share highlights of his own career.

Next month also sees the U.S. publication of Watford Forever. The Elton John and John Preston book was released last year in the United Kingdom.

When approached by Preston, Elton and David Furnish liked the idea. They wanted their boys to see a side of Elton’s life that hasn’t received as much attention as the music. And Preston sought to depict how the town was impacted by the team’s success–besides exploring the relationship between Elton and Graham Taylor, Watford FC‘s manager.

The journalist told the Watford Observer that Elton didn’t ”stand on ceremony” and was easy to talk with. One of the star’s fondest memories was of visiting the supporters’ club, having drinks with the fans, and chatting about Watford and football.

John thinks Elton could become an ambassador of sorts. Whatever he does, it would be ”full on.”

Soon after its publication, The Times suggested the book be made into a movie, citing the ”heartwarming story of a flamboyant pop star and humble club manager.”

A musical about New York’s defunct nightclub, Studio 54, is in the works. We haven’t heard if famous guests such as Elton or Bianca Jagger will be portrayed: they were referenced in another Studio 54 musical, This Ain’t No Disco, in 2018.

The press release for the new project does promise disco hits. This obviously won’t offer Elton’s foray into the genre with the Victim of Love LP, although the title track hit the Billboard Hot 100, reaching #31.

Elton recently attended a rehearsal for his and Shaina Taub‘s The Devil Wears Prada musical, in Devon, England. Previews started on Saturday, and continue at the Theatre Royal Plymouth through the 17th of August; then the show opens on 24 October at London’s Dominion Theatre.

The Muddy Stilettos guide says that Elton has come up with the ”eponymous banger” The Devil Wears Prada, and at least eleven other new tunes.

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