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Earlier this year, a New York-based artist enjoyed his first New Orleans exhibition.


The works were from Paul Solberg’s series Service, a limited edition of prints taken over a four-day period during Fleet Week, Memorial Day weekend, 2010.

These were the result of Solberg’s experimentation with freezing and heating Polaroid SX70 film to create varying, ephemeral characteristics. This led to a very fragile state for the prints, and on several of the original images the faces of some of the servicemen he photographed vanished and were lost forever (lending a vulnerable quality to the series in relation to the loss of servicemen).
Elton recently purchased a selection from the series.
What’s more, next year will see the publication of the photographer’s book, Service.
His previous books include Bloom; Puppies Behind Bars; Tyrants + Lederhosen; and Tattoos, Hornets & Fire.
Also planning a book is artist Roger Reutimann, who spoke with about his achievements.
EJW: Who are some of your collectors?
RR: They include Elton and Neil Patrick Harris. The singer owns one large 7 foot sculpture. Neil Patrick Harris owns two.
Anderson Cooper is also a fan, but doesn’t have the space in his New York City condo.
EJW: Do you do commission work?
RR: I don’t: This  allows me to stay true to my artistic visions.
EJW: How did you wind up coming to the States from Switzerland, and what has influenced your art?
RR: I moved to Miami Beach some 18 years ago from Switzerland.
Five years ago I moved to Colorado, which reminds me a lot of my home country.  . . Colorado also has the most foundries in the USA, which is very convenient for me to be so close. Social issues and human nature are the main inspirations for my work.
Elton has said he’s been ”blown away” by Roger’s sculptures, and the artisan is also an admirer, referring to Elton as ”a wonderful human being.”

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