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Amalie R. Rothschild has a multi-faceted background which includes graphic design, computer imaging, and motion picture production.
She is also an accomplished photographer, and tells that the Rocket Man has one of her images in his collection. Below is more of what the artist had to say.

EJW: One of your earlier jobs was at the Fillmore East, where you photographed a variety of acts, including Elton and Leon Russell. How did this come about?
AR: I have many photographs of both Elton and Leon, all from the Fillmore East where I was on staff of the Joshua Light Show and the “unofficial” theater photographer. I ended up working there because it was literally next door to a New York University building which housed the School of the Arts, where I was a graduate student at the NYU Institute of Film & TV. Practically the entire staff of Fillmore East was made up of NYU students from the theater and film programs, both grad and undergrad, and ex-students from Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University).
EJW: How long were you at the venue, and were you ever employed by the Fillmore West?
AR: I basically worked at and attended almost all the shows starting in late March 1968 (I missed the first few weekends) until the FE closed on June 27, 1971. I was only on the East Coast and never worked at the Fillmore West.
EJW: Where else did you take photos?
AR: I  was on staff at the Woodstock Festival. Other events I worked at included the 1969 Newport Festival and Bob Dylan‘s 1974 tour. Also in 1969, I got a picture of Janis Joplin and Tina Turner performing together at Madison Square Garden. Janis was in the audience for the Rolling Stones concert, where Ike and Tina Turner were opening for the Stones and Tina, seeing Janis, asked her up on stage to sing with her. I only wish I could remember what the song was!
EJW: Did the Fillmore East experience affect you in later years?
AR: Yes, the network of friends and contacts, and skills and knowledge I acquired there have continued to have an impact on my work.
My book about my experiences was published in 1999, Live at the Fillmore East: A Photographic Memoir. In 2006 it went into a sixth softcover printing. Copies can be found at some libraries and at
To see a sampling of Amalie’s images, including a shot of Elton, go to

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