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Longtime EJW readers may remember reading about Frazer Ashford.

The official Four Tops photographer for much of the seventies, Frazer’s other subjects have included Elton, Prince Charles, Dr Hook, Rod Stewart and Twiggy.

The Surrey resident once offered readers a discount on his Elton John photos.
Now Frazer has more news to share. He says that he featured his former subject in his social media posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in honour of Elton’s 70th birthday and party in Los Angeles.
He adds: ”It was a very successful post for us as we recorded over 2100 ‘reaches’ and that was for a single image.”
You can still ‘like’ this at his Facebook page (or Ashford himself) at
In addition, the artist recently ran a competition where the prize was one of his David Bowie images. He attracted around 13,500 viewers and entrants from around the world, including Australasia, Canada, America, Argentina and the Yemen. Seeing it was such a hit, Frazer intends to run a similar contest, with one of his ‘Elton’ prints as the prize, and tells this Web site that he’ll provide details within the next couple of months.

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