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Kenneth D. King has an image of Elton, accompanied by Sting, on the home page of his Web site. In it, the former Reg Dwight is wearing one of the couture designer’s hats. This was just one of King’s many creations Elton has purchased. . . .

EJW: What sort of headwear did you make for the performer? Were they specially made and used in concert?
KK: There were certain models he liked, and he ordered regularly. There are two times when he was specific about colour. One was for the Diet Coke commercial called Nightclub–the colour he asked for was lipstick red. For his video for You Gotta Love Someone and the cover for the single, he wanted a white hat.
He’s also wearing one of my hats for his Sacrifice video–and one of my dinner jackets. In the video for Club at the End of the Street, the hat and vest are animated. The photo on the single Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters Part II’s cover also featured my work, a special order. So he had some specific requests, but also bought pieces I had made and sent to the store.
EJW: How many of your pieces does Elton own?
KK: I’m not really clear about the amount. He does own vests, jackets, some jewelry, and a footstool. I’m sure it is well over 50, though.
EJW: Who have been among your other customers?
KK: Other people who have my work include  Rob Lowe, Cloris Leachman, Geena Davis, Don Johnson, Robert Downey Jr., and James Ingram.
Elton was the best, and has the best pieces I’ve made.  He was (and remains) a wonderful man, and I’m extremely proud to have made work for him.
YouTube has lots of videos showcasing the artist’s creations for Elton. Among them are ”Diet Coke” at

and Tokyo Dome concert footage via

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