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We take you back to Olympic Studios in south west London, where 55 years ago Elton John recorded a series of songs in a rock style. Steve Brown’s decision to shake things up led to him hiring Gus Dudgeon and Paul Buckmaster, and moving to other studios to complete the recordings. These became part of the Elton John “Black” album as well as Tumbleweed Connection. They also marked a change in Elton’s direction as an artist from blues and rock to classical and pop.

We took a look in May at where it all happened, in what is now a cinema complex.

We spoke to archivist Roger Miles, who remarked that the studios are to return in late 2024 – 15 years after U2 became the last band to record there. Roger was a great host to and this resulted in him joining others on a special Radio Elton John edition you can hear on 29 June!

Meanwhile, here is a gallery of some great photos we were able to muster while the builders were in for the restoration of the studios!

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