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Did you know that almost four decades ago, Blue Moves and Rock of the Westies were released?

On October 22. in 1976, the Blue Moves album came out.

Among the players was Michael Hurwitz, whose cello solo appeared on One Horse Town.

He is now in the Philharmonia Orchestra, but tells EJW that at that time he was a frelance cellist working for many contractors in London.

”I do remember recording Elton’s album in Abbey Road Studio 2, as it had that solo part in it which I stayed behind to record after the other musicians had finished. I think I did record another album but have no memory of which one it might have been. I do recall that Paul Buckmaster was involved.  I worked for many top pop artists in the 70s, notably Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Cat Stevens, Lindisfarne and other big names.”

 Michael, who became a member of the Philharmonia in 1989, adds:

”The orchestra has backed many pop records in its history (although usually anonymously) and continues to do so on occasions although the pop recording industry is mainly run by the freelance sector.

”And we tend to record more film scores and video game scores these days.”

And as previously mentioned, Rock of the Westies also was pressed nearly 40 years ago. It was released on October 24, 1975, and was recorded at Caribou.

The studio was discussed in a book by G. Brown called Colorado Rocks! A Half-Century of Music in Colorado. Brown, who is director at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, told this Web site:

Colorado Rocks! was published in 2004 and was a great success. It sold out of its first printing, but there are used copies available on Amazon, and I’m working on an updated, upgraded second edition.”

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