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Tom Cridland is a British trouser brand whose clients include Nigel Olsson. The company’s founder recently shared his thoughts about what working with Elton’s drummer is like.

EJW: What is Nigel like?

TC: Nigel is a brilliant drummer and has been really nice about our products. He wears our Navy Blue and Rolling Stone chinos on the road, which are his favourites – though I did throw in a pair of Electric Blue ones for good measure. They are made out of 100% Italian cotton.

I am in touch with Nigel myself and he chose his favourite colours and suggested some ways he could be helpful in promoting our brand.

EJW: Have you developed custom-made items for Nigel?

TC: I will be creating some “Nigel Olsson Navy” chinos with his personal logo on.

EJW: Does he wear Tom Cridland pants when relaxing at home?

TC: Nigel does wear the trousers off the road too, I believe. He says they are very comfortable and fit perfectly.

EJW: You mentioned Rolling Stone chinos: Were these named after the famous group?

TC: Rolling Stone was named after the magazine, the band, the Dylan song, the opening line of Philadelphia Freedom… as the colour is a shade of “Stone,” it made sense to called it Rolling Stone as that is a timeless pop culture name.

EJW: Speaking of Elton’s music, your Web site mentions his Leigh concert, which took place on the 21st of June. How was it?

TC: This was truly one of the best I’ve been to. Great setlist and him and the band were on excellent form.

EJW: Where can your products be purchased?

TC: We’re an online business, but will open our first physical store in Los Angeles later this year.

More about Olsson, including a photo of him wearing Cridland’s slacks, can be found at

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