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MADNESS Autoworks is a full custom shop in Southern California that modifies a number of vehicles. One of the cars they specialise in is the FIAT 500 Abarth, which is what Nigel Olsson owns.

Boris Tilim, Principal at MADNESS Autoworks, recently spoke with about this.
EJW: What sort of jobs have you done for Nigel?
BT: We’ve been working with him for several years now. Nigel purchased a FIAT 500 Abarth and came to us for modifications. We have customised and modified more FIAT 500 cars than anyone in North America, and Nigel allowed us the opportunity to work with him and build him a custom, one of a kind car.
Over the years we have extensively modified his vehicle to not only win trophies at car shows, but to be able to compete on a track at the same time. His car has been featured at the Los Angeles International Auto Show and remains to be his daily driver when he is not on the road with the band.
EJW: What can you tell us about a car named Luigi?
BT: This was made by MADNESS for Nigel, and was selected as the ”Best of Show” Runner Up at our Show ‘N” Shine event during the summer. This was the largest gathering of FIAT 500 cars anywhere in the country, with over seventy on display.
Earning this award was no easy task with so many great looking cars on display, but Nigel’s is definitely a head tuner. Not only is it a ”Show Car,” it’s also a ”Daily Driver” and a ”Track Car.” Just a week prior to the show, Nigel had it out on a track, putting it through the paces. Very few vehicles are both Show and Race ready and we are glad to be able to assist Nigel in keeping it in such good condition.
EJW: How else is the drummer connected to your company?
BT: We provide maintenance and support for all his cars now and over the years he has become a part of our family. It is truly a pleasure to work with him! His and his wife are simply fantastic people! Nigel started out as a customer and has since become a good friend.

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