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In 1965, Geoff Frost and John Wood founded a recording studio in London called Sound Techniques. The pair also built a total of 14 Sound Techniques consoles. These were used by their own studio, as well as at Sunset Sound Studios and Elektra Sound Recorders in Hollywood, not to mention De Lane Lea and Trident studios in England. Among the artists who used the desks were Elton, Lou Reed, and T-Rex.

There’s a documentary in the works about this, and Danny White, who heads Sound Techniques Ltd., has shared some details with
EJW: How far along is the movie?
DW: I would say the documentary, which will be presented much like David Grohl’s Sound City, might be half way. There is a tremendous amount of work to do yet, especially in the States, where Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the Doors all recorded an our desks.
EJW: Who appears in the film?
DW: There’s a vast number of artists, engineers and producers. They include producer/engineer Ken Scott (Elton, the Beatles and David Bowie) as well as Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd.
EJW: Which Elton John albums have used Sound Techniques consoles?
DW: The following were recorded in whole, in part, or mixed on the company’s consoles:
Elton John; Madman Across The Water; Tumbleweed Connection; Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player; Honky Chateau; 17-11-70; Friends; Rock of the Westies; and Caribou.
EJW: Is there anything with Elton in the movie?
DW: There’s a picture of him with the Sound Techniques desk at Trident, on our Web site. At this point, he’s not in the film, but having him involved in any way would be an amazing boost!

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