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Bernie Taupin has said that he can’t reveal much yet about Elton’s new album. . . Ej.w also has big plans: Ours will be unveiled next week!

Please visit Radio Elton John World for a hint of what’s in store.

Speaking of surprises, Kevin Spacey was bowled over when Elton and David Furnish decided–without being prompted–to testify on his behalf in 2023. The 64-year-old was on the brink of tears as, 5 days ago, he told Uncensored’Piers Morgan about being accused of sexual assault and receiving a supportive email from Elton.

The House of Cards star supposedly attacked another man in a car as they headed to an Elton John AIDS Foundation party. But during the trial, Elton pointed out that his friend had arrived by private jet. (36:45 in this folowing video)

A supporter of the EJAF and other AIDS charities was honoured on Wednesday night. Elton appeared at the Can’t Cancel Pride event via video to present Billy Porter with the Elton John Impact award. Elton said Billy is a ”true humanitarian,” and thanked him for being a trailblazer and his ”authentic self.”


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Brandi Carlile, who appeared on-screen as well, introduced Elton by saying how touched she was by his friendship with Ryan White, an early victim of AIDS–as well as by Elton’s rendition of Skyline Pigeon at his funeral.

Can’t Cancel Pride 2024 can be streamed throughout Pride month.

Also available throughout June–with the SiriusXM app–is SiriusXM‘s Disney Hits 30th anniversary salute to the Lion King movie. Among the interviewees are Elton and Tim Rice, explaining how they came to be involved in the soundtrack.

Nathan Lane revealed to Entertainment Weekly that The Lion King‘s warthog (Pumbaa) and meerkat (Timon) were originally going to perform all of Can You Feel the Love Tonight, not just the opening and closing verses.

Elton put a stop to that, pointing out he wrote the score so that Disney would have a love song. It wasn’t meant for ”the pig and the rat” to sing. ”Elton was right,” Nathan concluded.

Disney is re-releasing the animated classic to cinemas on 12 July.


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The Lion King isn’t the only production marking a milestone. Breaking Hearts celebrates a birthday tomorrow, as it was on 18 June 1984 that the LP was released. Vulture thought the title track, Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used To Be), was ”a diamond in the rough of a chaotic, inconsistent album.”

We found the lyrics to be uneven. ”A body that could stop a clock” and a reference to raining ”on your parade” in Slow Down Georgie (She’s Poison) are trite. So are phrases like Li’l ‘frigerator‘s ”luck of the Irish,” and ”crocodile tears.”

On the other hand, Who Wears These Shoes? contains the poignant and strong lines, ”two silhouettes tell me it’s over,” ”the shadow knows the shadow’s me,” and ”I feel like an old jukebox playing the same song all the time.”

Elton has played more than six thousand songs on his Rocket Hour show. One of his latest guests was Chappell Roan. She is on a Pride playlist, compiled by Elton and David. HITS Daily Double asked the pair to come up with their favourites, and these range from Brandy Clark to Bright Light Bright Light, with whom Elton toured.

Elton has admitted that working with BLBL was a challenge because ”I had to sing in a completely different way, which I enjoyed.

”I Wish We Were Leaving” spoke to me, and I think the combination of our voices is ethereal and beautiful.”

Earlier this year, Rod Thomas (the man who calls himself ”Bright Light Bright Light”) told Attitude magazine that he and Elton used to go record-shopping together.

”I bought him George Michael‘s Faith and he bought me the Phil Spector Christmas album as he knew I didn’t have it.”

With his vast collection, it’s likely Elton already owned the record, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

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