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21 June 2024

It is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, today. It certainly feels it for the elton john world team as we have been working on a major new development.

Fact: Radio Elton John, the podcast service of, has become very popular with Elton fans.

 120 countries tune in 

Fact: Radio Elton John has listeners in 120 countries.

 22 hours of exclusive content 

Fact: In addition to other free content, Radio Elton John’s series Saturday Night’s Alright (For Podcasting) now spans a library of nearly 1,300 minutes. That is nearly 22 hours of exclusive interviews.

We produced an advert that says listeners of Radio Elton John are in 90 countries. Well, within a month that became 120 countries!

It has required us to move to larger and more secure servers, and we have also had to invest in the main website,

To ensure smooth and secure access to all our content for everyone, we have had to move the podcasts to a new website. You can also bookmark it as (geddit?). This is a play on Elton’s birth name of Reg.

But getting bigger also posed some challenges which we experienced in 2023 for Radio Elton John and the wider website. And these challenges required our attention.

Although we tried to minimise disruption, you may have seen slower web pages in October. Our security was compromised and we had to repair the site and improve security to the highest level to maintain our service to you. That is also one reason why we moved the podcasts to a new website, to ensure that we can stay online.

This all costs money and ej.w is staffed by volunteers who also have other commitments.

In order to continue to provide you with the best and most reliable service, it is therefore necessary to cover our costs and ensure you get something special. Something exclusive.

That is why from 25 June, Radio Elton John is available at RadioEltonJohn.World – a subscription-only service, providing you with ad-free access to all future podcasts in full, plus anytime access to our growing archive. There is also an option to download specific episodes to treasure.

We will have some cool new features for you and a few surprises. Full details of the new service will be available on at launch on 25 June 2024.

Some content will remain totally free and we will share with major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon and YouTube.

It is never easy to ask for money. And we understand that, just like us, you are experiencing a cost of living squeeze. But we have kept the subscription fee as low as possible.

We hope you will join and enjoy continued listening. You can cancel anytime. As an added incentive, we are offering the 12-month subscription at 25% off for early registrations.

Thank you for your interest in Radio Elton John and we hope to welcome you in a new radio listening community we are building at

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