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Emotional Dedications And Celebrations.

We start with two very sad events that have affected us on both sides of the Atlantic in the last few days. It was on yesterday’s date in 2001 that Al Qaeda terror operatives carried out suicide attacks against targets in the U.S. Two of the planes were flown into New York’s World Trade Center, and the following month a fundraiser, The Concert For New York City, was held. The performers ranged from Elton to Jay-Z, and MTV estimated at least $30 million was raised.

Tributes poured in from around the world after the passing of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II last week. Elton was among them, discussing his feelings that night (8 September) during his final concert in Toronto, Canada. While sad she is gone, Elton felt comforted by the thought that she was at peace. He said she deserved it, having worked so hard. He then sang Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me while images of the monarch were displayed, Daily Mail reported.

Nigel Olsson weighed in on Facebook, saying he was devastated. The drummer wrote that Her Majesty was an inspiration to him. And he remembered that when he was three years old, his parents bought a television just so they could watch the Coronation.

Another Facebook entry by a former member of Elton’s band is an announcement. Caleb Quaye says an updated version of his autobiography is now available at Amazon. Louder Than Rock ”serves as the script for my documentary.” He says the movie is just around the corner, and expects to release more details soon.

The 2006 book, written with Dale Berryhill, looked back at his work with the likes of Elton John and Hall & Oates, and how he later became a minister. EJW has discussed this–as well as the documentary, featuring interviews with Paul Buckmaster and Davey Johnstone. More recently, the latter recalled his time at the Caribou Ranch Recording Studio and recordingthe Caribou album.

When his tour wraps up next year, Elton plans to take a break to decide what’s next.

One thing the entertainer is sure about is that he won’t release a record. But he could appear on someone else’s, he told Fleur East on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show, reported MSN.

Elton also reassured fans that he will never give up music because it’s so ”incredibly healing.” And he’s open to surprises. Do I hear the hum of Sacrifice Side B Healing Hands?

The 75-year-old pointed out that he wasn’t expecting to do a record this year but wound up joining forces with Britney Spears. He added that a single phone call can change his plans, like when he got a phone call from Tim Rice about joining him on the 1994 Disney animated movie, The Lion King.

An Elton John hologram would certainly be a switch. David Furnish, the star’s husband and CEO of Rocket Entertainment, has considered sending one out on stage once the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is done.

He told Showbiz : ”I’m desperate to see the Abba Voyage show. Anything is possible with the technology and 3.0–we’re going to sit down and have discussions after the tour.”

The filmmaker also noted that Elton has turned down ”head-spinning offers to offload his back catalogue.” He doesn’t want to give up control over such a vital part of his life.

Right now, the priority is on the luminary’s live performances, where he’s ”singing and playing better than he’s ever done.”

Elton is certainly enjoying it as much as ever. During his concert in Toronto, Canada, on 7 September  (the first of two) , the headliner grinned as he jumped off his piano bench and encouraged the crowd’s participation. He received a 3-1/2 star review (out of 4 stars), reported Toronto Sun.

The composer also has been busy with musicals. He told BBC Radio 2‘s Zoe Ball on  8 September that the musical version of  The Devil Wears Prada had been in previews in Chicago, Illinois, and won’t be ready for about another year. They don’t have a theatre yet anyway.

Meanwhile, he is excited about his Tammy Faye Bakker musical (called simply ”Tammy Faye”) with Jake Shears, opening next month in London, England. He was planning to have a look at the rehearsals that very afternoon.

Also in the works is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: The Final Elton John Performances And The Years That Made His Legend. This documentary is to include a live concert–Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger Stadium. Disney+   will livestream the event on 20 November.

• Besides continuing his involvement with music, it’s likely Elton will remain ”an agony aunt for troubled A-listers”, reports Daily Mirror.

In many cases, the songwriter has tried to aid celebrities with drug and alcohol problems. One was Rufus Wainwright, who had gone temporarily blind from his crystal meth addiction. After Elton got his friend into rehab, Rufus said he was ”indebted” to him.

With Ed Sheeran, though, the Rocket Man acted as a music mentor.

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