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From The Rainforest to The White House.

As mentioned in the previous edition of Meal Ticket, Elton is to appear on Friday night at the White House. The name of the event, A Night When Hope and History Rhyme, refers to a Seamus Heaney poem President Biden often quotes. According to a White House press release cited by CNN, students, teachers, nurses and gay rights advocates will be among the approximately two thousand attendees.

This is in collaboration with A&E Networks and the History Channel. So although most fans won’t be at the show, they will get a chance to catch it on TV in the future.

On Monday, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth was held. Some thought that Elton would be in attendance, but that was not the case.

Elton has met with the Queen a number of times. There are a couple of such photos here. In the 1977 picture, he is also seen with broadcaster David Frost. They were at Windsor’s Home Park, where the Big Top Show was held in aid of the Queen‘s Silver Jubilee Appeal.

The two men got to know one another well over the years. In fact, the journalist interviewed the former Reg Dwight at least ten times. That’s what David’s son, Wilfred Frost, says in the introduction to The Frost Tapes: The Entertainers. BBC Radio 4 recently ran episodes, including Elton’s, of these interviews.

As is often the case, the musician made a number of memorable remarks. Recalling when he went to lots of parties because he was having fun, Elton suggested that even included ”the opening of a wallet.”

Addressing his problems with alcohol and drugs addiction, Elton is certain that his career and love of music kept him going. So did his competitive nature and willpower. But the latter was actually ”driving me in the wrong direction.”

Before deciding to have kids, the composer said they could be scary because they tend to be so straightforward. The paparazzi can also be frightening, if not annoying. Even so, he thinks it’s ”part and parcel of what we are and what we do,” never mind the ”wailing and caterwauling from people in show business.”

Click on transcript to read the interview, which ends on a humorous note. When Frost suggested that shopping remains his guest’s only addiction, Elton laughed and declared, ”Yes, David. I’m going to take you out right now and get you a fabulous ballgown.”

Here’s another MT recommendation. . . . A song from The Lion King has been revamped in order to bring attention to the organisation, Save the Whales. It’s a rather effective parody of Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Visit whales and see what you think about Can You Hear the Whales Tonight.

This brings to mind a 2008 campaign which Elton, 50 Cent, Harrison Ford, and Lindsay Lohan–among others–supported. As reported by EJW, they were concerned about Lolita, a killer whale enduring an uncomfortable tank and other ”barbaric” conditions, to quote producer Raul Julia-Levy. So he asked that the Miami Seaquarium release the animal.

• Earlier this year, the seaquarium, which is under new ownership, announced they would no longer stage shows with the aging orca whale. So perhaps the star power helped.

Were you aware, by the way, that The Lion King wasn’t the first animated film Elton was involved with? Thirty years ago, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest hit theaters with a song from the Rocket Man called Some Other World. To mark the 30th anniversary, a Blu-ray and DVD has been released.

Some Other World was written by Elton and Bruce Roberts. The piano player appeared on Roberts’ 1995 album, Intimacyand one of the tracks, When the Money’s Gone. Listen here.

• It was previously announced that the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, California, was hosting a show called Peter Hujar Curated by Elton John. The exhibition runs through the 22 October, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the EJAF.

According to arts, the 50 shots selected by John, who acquired his first Hujar image in 2011, feature subjects ranging from drag performers such as Ethyl Eichelberger to more mainstream acts. Stevie Wonder, Edgar Winter, and Peggy Lee are among the latter. Animals and landscapes are included, too.

• Earlier this week, Dancing With The Stars made its Disney+ debut. It used to be on ABC. One of the highlights was Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke‘s performance. As seen here, they danced to Elton and Britney Spears‘ hit, Hold Me Closer.

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