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EJW‘s Meal Ticket had an article about a new book, 100 Years at Vicarage Road. The author is Geoff Wicken, and the foreword is by Honorary Life President, Sir Elton.

Copies are available at the Hornets Shop, which has a number of other centenary offerings, accessories such as a keychain, watch, football and thermos bottle.

Geoff recently shared more information with . . .

”Elton’s foreword reflects on his support for the club as a boy, and how the stadium has changed over the years – firstly in the 1980s when he was Chairman, and also most recently.

”The book includes a double-page feature on his first concert at Vicarage Road in 1974, with four pictures, as well as two pictures from one of the July 2022 concerts. There are several other pictures of him in the book too, as he is such a significant figure in the history of the club, and by extension the stadium.

”It’s a hardback book consisting of 256 pages, with over 350 images inside, and priced at £20.22.”

In other Watford tidings, the football club’s Buying & Merchandising Manager told this website about the recently created Elton x Watford Collection.

Kevin Newman said the music-maker didn’t ”exactly have a hand in the designs but I’m told he loves the range. I sent three of everything to him and David Furnish, as well as made some styles in junior sizes for their boys.”

As to its genesis, Kevin explained: ”I was approached by Rocket, via Bravado, Universal‘s merchandising company. I in turn approached Copa, a premium fashion brand from the Netherlands who supply our retro shop. Having supplied a library of photos of Elton of his time at Watford, the designers at Copa picked out the images from the iconic shoot at Vicarage Road in 1974. The shot with Elton in Watford kit, kneeling with the ball, became the focal jump-off point for the designs. The range developed from there.”

See for yourself here.

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