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Published in collaboration with the Watford Museum and with the support of the Hornets and Watford Observer, the Treasury was launched to present a visual history of the club through photos and recollections, some featuring a certain piano-playing sports enthusiast.


Colin Payne, editor of the Watford Treasury, told this site that there are many photos of Elton in his publication, which comes out three times a year, as well as the Yellow Black And Red!, a smaller monthly. In fact, the singer ”does receive the Watford Treasury, and has requested personal copies as well as ones for his archive.”
Colin shared relevant images from past editions with EJWs Chief Editor. There are a couple of reproductions of invitations for garden parties held by the former chairman for the team and their family members as well as associates such as office staffers. One of the attendees was gridder Nigel Gibbs, who has held onto his personal invitations.
There’s also an item about the time Elton helped open Watford Stadium Station. This was in 1982 and created for crowd control (so it was only open on match days). And there’s a particularly memorable photo of the star with various players, posing with an artificial snake, which represented their sponsor Solvite, the wallpaper adhesive brand owned by chemical giant Henkel.
In November, the sixth volume of the Treasury was published. It’s still available, and a free photo of Elton and Graham Taylor comes with every mail order copy. Issue 2, with a beaming Elton on the cover, sold out, but it has now been reprinted, Colin says.
All can be purchased at

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