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Did you know that Elton helped designer Lionel Avery come up with those eye-catching monogrammed platform boots, sold at Christie’s for $94,500 in February? Or that Patrick Lippert, the late political activist and Rock The Vote executive director, had the idea for the Elton John AIDS Foundation to hold an Academy Awards fundraiser?

These are among the factoids you’ll find in The Elton John Activity Book, written by Nathan Joyce and illustrated by Juhee Kim. And there is a good deal about Elton’s achievements as well as his ”Wit and Wisdom.” Pavilion Books offered ej.w a preview and says the date of publication is 23 May.

There’s something for everyone, with crossword puzzles, anagrams, and  a chance to guess the name of a song, based on just two words.

Or you can try to find a picture of the performer in a crowd of people; create an Elton tattoo; pick the names or singles or LPs based on Emoji clues; or create a Coat of Arms for the singer (who got his own in 1987 from the College of Arms, which included the Greek god Pan and piano keys). Fans are even invited to ‘design a piano,’ but that’s not really the case. There’s an outline provided and you can add details. Or folks can embellish some of Elton’s famous outfits such as those worn for his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and Muppet Show appearances, although there’s little room to do so.

Nathan’s ”unofficial lovefest,” though, is a lot of fun, particularly when offering another side of Elton–an illustration of him as a superhero!

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