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We’ve been anticipating the release of Goodbye-Yellow-Brick-Road-The-Final-Elton-John-Performances-And-The-Years-That-Made-His-Legend . . . but this isn’t to be the only documentary of interest to EJ fans.

According to the Lincolnshire EchoBernie Taupin is working on one as well. During the course of filming, he visited the Castle-Hotel in Lincoln, England, where one of the deluxe rooms was recently named in his honour. Another famous Lincolnite receiving such an acknowledgement was the late Royal Air Force flying ace Sir Douglas Bader.

Last year, Elton inducted Bernie into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame–which may have brought back unpleasant memories for Steve Miller. He told Rolling Stone magazine in 2016 that when he was inducted, he wanted Elton to do the honours. They were friends, and Elton knew his music. Instead, he got the Black Keys. Ironically, vocalist Dan Auerbach told RS that Steve didn’t know anything about them. So both parties wound up being uncomfortable.

How would you like to meet virtually with Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, and Kim Bullard? That is part of what Hillsides Pasadena is offering at its next auction to benefit youngsters. Hillsides‘ Lisa Zabel told the Elton Blog that Davey and John Mahon will be at the gala as well, performing a couple of songs.

Memorabilia will include a guitar with Davey’s signature and exclusive hardcover Farewell Yellow Brick Road book of tour posters signed by Elton and the band. ”The book cannot be bought in stores or online and is one of a kind,” stresses Lisa.

The 10-day auction opens on the 15th of February; the fundraiser itself is being held on the 24th of the month.

Also in California, on 10 March, the Elton-John-Aids-Foundation’s Academy Awards Viewing Party will be held. Gabriels will be performing at the West Hollywood Park gala.


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Seeing that the group’s Jacob Lusk joined Elton at last year’s Glastonbury festival for Are You Ready For Love, perhaps this will be on the set list.

Plenty of fans are getting ready to bid on Elton John memorabilia from his former home in Georgia. Prior to Christie’s Goodbye Peachtree Road auction, folks have been visiting the display in New York City and checking out the latest Elton John pop-up store. Hours for both are 11 a.m. through 5 p.m., except for the 18th and 19th of February, when hours run from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. The last chance to visit is 21 February, the date of Christie’s Opening Night. Hot lots that evening should include a pinball machine signed by Elton. It’s a Jersey Jack collector’s item for which Elton-himself offered input. The one at Christie’s will be sold to benefit the EJAF and has an inscription reading: ”With Love from the Pinball Wizard, Elton John.”

David Furnish recently offered Good-Morning-America a preview of the auction. It was a nice surprise to see Elton’s outfit from the I’m Still Standing video. And we can’t forget the Yamaha piano on which Elton wrote music for Billy Elliot and Aida. Atlanta magazine points out that the instrument, which is expected to fetch $50,000, was used for an album as well–Peachtree Road, appropriately enough.

Also illustrating the performer’s ties to Atlanta is an Atlanta Braves personalised jersey and two jackets, one with Elton’s name embroidered on the front. It was a thank you to the team’s famous fan, who used to have a member of his road crew keep track of the score while he was onstage.

Have you been to the store or exhibit in Manhattan, or plan to take part in the auction? Why not contact-us about this . . . or seeing that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, share your favourite EJ love songs?

As a matter of fact,Yardbarker has come out with 20 essential love songs for your playlist, although there’s just one Elton John selection. They went with Your Song for its ”effortless beauty.” And decades later, it continues to find ”an audience among dreamy lovers.”

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