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When Elton inducted Bernie Taupin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, he made it a more wonderful night by announcing they had just completed a new album. Now a source has informed The Sun that Elton has been ”secretly locked” inside a recording studio, coming up with new ideas for an album (likely to be out in ”the fourth quarter”). We assume he changed his mind about the songs, and wants to improve them. And we’ve yet to hear about the project which Pete Townshend said Elton finished with Brandi Carlile.

Before Elton’s new tunes arrive, fans can look forward to a 50th anniversary edition of Caribou. Besides the original recording, a compilation of bonus tracks will be available, with the most unusual number being Ducktail Jiver. The double LP set comes in limited edition sky blue vinyl on Record Store Day, 20 April.

Another RSD vinyl release is to be Last Stand in Open Country, from Bernie’s old band, Farm Dogs.

Next month, a tribute show will be held for the latest  Gershwin Prize winners, Elton and Bernie. PBS is broadcasting the event on 8 April.

Producer Ken Ehrlich, who approached stars about the concert didn’t offer details, other than ”No one said no.” The only challenge has been deciding who will sing what number.

While performing Daniel onstage–and occasionally Mona Lisas and Mad HattersDavey Johnstone would strap on his Ovation guitar, purchased around 2005.

That’s the very instrument which Elton blog 62 reported is being auctioned off by the Hillsides children’s charity in Pasadena, California. Other keepsakes include a 2009 poster of Elton with Billy Joel and Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour book. The latter includes artwork made for specific venues. And it’s been hand-signed by Elton and all of the members of his touring band.

Songs from Elton, Queen, the Police, the Pretenders, and many others are covered in a new musical about Live Aid, Just For One Day. It runs through 30 March at the Old Vic Theatre in London, England. According to Deadline‘s Baz Bamigboye, it could eventually play the West End or go overseas to New York’s Broadway.

The majority of the reviews seem to find the music superb, but can’t say the same for the script and characters. The Guardian, for instance, thinks Just For One Day offers ”soaring voices and pancake-flat characters.” The Times points to its ”gawky subplot” about a music fan and a BroadwayWorld reviewer opines that the music ”saves the production from complete failure.”

The All That Dazzles website, on the other hand, says each cast member gets a chance to shine, regardless of how large or small their part is. And freelance journalist Liam O’Dell was impressed by ‘Margaret Thatcher,’ played by Julie Atherton. He cited her ”wonderfully ridiculous” rendition of Elton’s I’m Still Standing, with the ‘yeah, yeah, yeahs’ replaced by ‘yah, yah, yahs.’

Bernie Taupin has recalled writing the song as a ”kiss off” to an old girlfriend. He appreciates, though, that it has become an anthem about facing adversity and message about Elton’s resilience over the years.

One of Elton’s showbiz friends is following his example. Lulu is going on a farewell tour, although she hasn’t ruled out a concert here and there. Champagne For Lulu will be far briefer than Farewell Yellow Brick Road, with just a handful of UK appearances in April. She hinted at surprises, so the Daily Mail has been considering possible tour guests. One contender is Elton, who sang Teardrops with Lulu in 2002. Or perhaps he will be part of another project. At the recent TV Choice Awards, the Scottish singer said her next album will feature a couple of ”really interesting people.” A documentary could also be in the works.

On Tuesday, Sara Cox fought back tears as she announced the death of her BBC Radio 2 colleague, Steve Wright. The pop vocalist was also saddened and shocked by the news. He believes the 69-year-old boosted his career, particularly when it came to Elton’s first #1 single in the UK, Sacrifice.

”It was originally the B-side of Healing Hands,” Elton explained, ”but Steve switched it over and the rest is history.”

Staying with radio, we hope you’ve also been checking out Radio Elton John, which has made Good Pods‘ Top 100 . . . at one point reaching #34!

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