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“Who’s Elton?”

By Caroline Miller

2024 is already beginning to bring anticipation and excitement for Elton fans, including the youngest fans. Little Golden Books has just added a new addition to its collection of biographies, with their release of a book about Elton, entitled “Elton John: A Little Golden Book Biography.”

Little Golden Books is a children’s book series, which began in 1942 and is especially popular in America. The series consists of a variety of different books geared towards young readers, such as children’s stories, seasonal stories, and biographies, to name just a few of their genres.

As with many books, the first greeting of “Elton John: A Little Golden Book Biography” comes from the cover. Here, readers can find an illustration of a present-day Elton dressed in a tour suit which fans may recognize as a part of his wardrobe on the recently completed Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. The cover also shows Elton wearing a pair of bejeweled glasses, as he sits at a white piano and microphone, complete with a purple, starry background and Elton’s name in yellow lettering.

Written by Jennifer Dussling, the book tells Elton’s story in just 24 pages. The book begins by telling of Elton’s early life, and moves up to his more current years, by the end. Readers can learn about Elton’s musical journey, his infamous wardrobe, as well as his accomplishments and charity work, just to name a few of the areas featured throughout the book. Also featured in the book are a variety of colorful illustrations by Irene Chan, showcasing Elton through the years, to assist in telling his story.

With that being said, “Elton John: A Little Golden Book Biography” can make for both a new reading or collection addition for long-time Elton fans and an introduction to young fans who may have just asked the question, “Who’s Elton?”

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