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Chris Hook talks to ejw about the Gus Disc Prize
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You stand a good chance of winning! Deadline 2359 GMT, 31 Jan 2005
29 January 2005 @ 13:30

George Matlock meets Chris Hook, administrator for the Gus Dudgeon Foundation for Recording Arts.

GM: Chris, apart from offering the fans a fabulous chance to own this splendid and collectable Gold Disc, why are you offering this at this time?

Chris Hook: In order to complete a studio that Gus would be proud of we really need to raise quite a lot of money. Currently the studio is quite limited. The Gold Disc idea is about awareness of the GDF as much as fund raising – it is a way of reminding fans worldwide that the website and the charity exists and is still on course to achieve great things in Gus’s name.

GM: Have you in mind any target proceeds?

CH: No, whatever it raises will be welcome.

GM: Has there been a lot of interest from fans of Elton’s (and others) in this fundraiser?

CH: There has, donations have been coming in almost every day, having said that, with under 200 entries people have a very good chance of winning.

GM: What’s the closing date for people to participate? –

CH: the last entry will be accepted up to midnight on the 31st January, 2005.

GM: You have someone very special lined up to announce the winner, haven’t you?

CH: We have, the draw will be performed by Kiki Dee on the 5th February outside the Mill, Gus’s old studio.

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