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Birthday boy Elton John is in the studio and we hear that he is trying to come up with the definitive album for his fans.

Expected later in 2024, we want to ask the fans who they think should be producing the album?

Elton is a gifted producer. And has helped out many of his own mates, including Long John Baldry and The Rolling Stones.

But when a fresh producer is brought in, it can take the music in a new direction, offering fresh perspectives and taking new opportunities.

Elton has never been short of surprises for his fans. And he has worked with some of the most amazing sounds folk in the business: Gus Dudgeon, Stuart Epps, Clive Franks, Chris Thomas, Pat Leonard and many more.

But today, on the occasion of his birthday, we are taking a snap poll, open until 26 March, for you to decide which new producer he might work with on his new album?

We have drawn up a list of ten titan producers. And we apologise to others who didn’t make the cut this time.

You can select more than one producer in your reply below. But keep it focused if we want someone to emerge as the top producer for a number one album from the top artist, our Elton. Please vote now and thanks for taking part! And don’t forget to press the button DONE at the bottom of the page to register your vote!

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