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Podipto was a country-rock band who released two albums and toured with Laura Nyro and the Carpenters. They also once opened for the former Reg Dwight . . . on the 29th of November in 1970, at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.


Founding member and bass player Jack Sundrud, who is now with Poco, another act Podipto opened for, told EJW: ”At that time, the stage ”jutted into the room and people were very close.”
He felt that Nigel Olsson and Dee Murray provided strong support for Elton while ”rocking hard and stretching out musically.” As for the man himself he ”was a force of nature” who was ”so animated and completely in charge of the whole picture.”
The band’s guitarist also spoke with this Web site. Dan Lund recalled Elton playing material from his eponymous album. It wasn’t a full house, although tickets cost just $3 each.
”The most unusual thing about the concert was that it was held in the afternoon (a play was on that night).”
Dan didn’t consider Elton to be flamboyant. ”No flashing glasses or anything like that.”
The young musician did wear a black cape and poor boy hat when he came onstage; then flung them off to reveal yellow bib overalls. 
That recollection comes from Fred Case, who took photos. These black-and-white images have recently been published. . . .
When The Stones Came To Town: Rock ‘n’ Roll Photos From The 1970s only has one backstage shot–of a pensive-looking performer. But there are several from the show. These include a look at Elton’s trademark moves as he plays piano while lying on the floor.
And as the title suggests, the Rolling Stones and other acts appear in this book. Among them are Leon Russell, who noticed Fred’s loud shutter; Alice Cooper; Captain Beefheart; Chuck Berry; Johnny Winter; Linda Ronstadt; Steppenwolf; and Jerry Garcia.

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