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In 1976, George Harrison talked about how much he liked Indian music. But he wasn’t impressed with Elton’s songs.

According to, he said that his colleague’s music ”is something I’ve never thought much of.”
”It all sounds the same, though, I think he’s written a good song once,” he told India Today.
”His music is made to a formula: throw in lyrics, throw in four chords, shake well, and there it is, the new Elton John super-hit!”
That didn’t prevent George from asking his colleague to appear on his 1987 album, Cloud Nine. Elton played on the title track, as well as on Devil’s Radio and Wreck of the Hesperus.
In a special edition of Rolling Stone called Remembering George, the former Reg Dwight wrote that he had fond memories of the Cloud Nine sessions.
The former Beatle was ”always very, very kind to me. I still remember staying up until eight o’clock in the morning recording and then asking him to play Here Comes The Sun. And he did, and it was magical.”
He added that he felt ”very privileged” to have known Harrison and to have worked with him.

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