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Elton’s Glastonbury Preview

Elton’s highly anticipated Glastonbury appearance takes place on Sunday night.

He offered a hint of what’s to come, telling BBC Radio 1 that he will play a song he hasn’t done in around 10 years. We wonder what that could be–and welcome your thoughts. . . .

Since Saturday will make it a decade since Home Again, the single from The Diving Board, was released, this is a possibility.

Elton suggested that putting together a set list is similar to going to bed with someone, as ”all hell breaks loose at the end.”

The singer, who will be joined by guests, adds that fans should ”expect the unexpected,” since there will be quite a few deep cuts, not just hits. And he has been thinking about the other Glastonbury performers, looking forward to hearing younger artists.

Visit BBC-programmes for the full interview.

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