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The producer Ken Ehrlich believes that Your Song is actually a love song between Elton and Bernie Taupin.  He said that after watching the Gershwin Prize winners during a performance of Your Song at last month’s star-studded concert in Washington, DC. HITS Daily Double. He explained that Elton was returning the love to his friend, who came up with the lyrics so many years ago. And Bernie was ”returning the love in his own way,” stated Ken. ”I don’t think I’ve ever been privileged to create a moment like this between two members of a writing team. It gives me chills each time I watch.”

The Library of Congress PBS special will air tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

The Elton John album, which was released on 10 April 1970, included Your Song. It continues to be cherished decades later. In 2017, an ITV special, The Nation’s Favourite Elton John Song, revealed that Your Song was voted No. 1 by members of the British public.

Four months after his eponymous album hit stores, Elton played the Yorkshire Folk, Blues, and Jazz festival in Krumlin, England. Attendees endured wind and rain, but cheered up when Elton offered them some brandy.

Elton received 75 pounds for his appearance from Brian Highley. Brian wanted to give ”an unknown” a chance, and came up with Elton after trawling through dozens of discs.

He told Devon Live last year that he wasn’t well enough to catch Elton at the Glastonbury festival. Nor did he care. We were amazed to learn that Brian thought the star had lost his voice and should’ve retired two decades earlier.

If it was up to Brian, fans would have missed out on Songs from the West Coast, Peachtree Road, The Captain and the Kid, All The Hits, The Diving Board, and other tours.

Some people might think the line ”high as a kite” in Rocketman is about drugs. Smooth Radio, though, has suggested it’s a reference to ”the rush musicians feel in the limelight, and being out of touch with reality below them.”

Did you know that Jump Up! is about to turn 42? It came out on 9 April 1982. While biographer Philip Norman considered the LP to be ”static,” Ultimate Classic Rock cited its energy, starting with Dear John, ”a pop-rocker out of the Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player school.”

A certain piano player has made the Official Charts Company‘s compilation of the Top 40 Biggest Albums of 2024 So Far. In the #7 position is Diamonds, a collection of hits, which was released in 2017.

Bernie has admitted that not everything he and Elton write has been stellar. He is proud of I Want Love and This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore. As reported by Forbes, Bernie thinks a good song stands up after everything is stripped away, ”leaving just one instrument and the vocal.”

Elton and Bernie don’t think their compositions are easy to sing. While many have been covered, Bernie told the Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden it’s a testament to Elton’s brilliance as a composer that some artists didn’t feel comfortable enough to even try.

Bernie stressed that he is not a poet, although he’s been called one. He thinks Leonard Cohen was one, and early on, so was Bob Dylan.

Bernie does consider himself to be a bit of a cinematographer.

Asked what other career might have appealed to him, the songwriter went with advertising. Although he probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it, Bernie is attracted to the creative side, ”coming up with slogans.”  Bernie then quipped that he could see himself as a rodeo rider, but is too old now.

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