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Elton and Jake Shears‘ Tammy-Faye musical will play New York’s Broadway next season. It had a short run in London, England, last year. Casting and other particulars have yet to be announced.

Last Monday, Elton and Tim Rice‘s The Lion King celebrated its 26th anniversary on NYC’s Great White Way. BroadwayWorld pointed out that never before has such a long-running show staged so many productions around the world . . . or played in the Top Five grossing Broadway shows virtually every week. There have been 29 productions in all, seen by at least 115 million people. That is more than the combined populations of Canada, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Greece, and Australia.

Also last week, John Preston and Elton‘s Watford Forever was published. In the book, Elton shares a poignant memory.

From the time he was six years old, Elton used to go to Watford matches with his dad, Stanley Dwight. That was the only time Stanley held his hand. Once they got home, the connection was lost.

Elton felt a real connection with the late Watford FC manager, Graham Taylor. He compares their relationship to the one he developed with Bernie Taupin. Even though Taylor was a good friend, we think it’s a bit of an exaggeration. In both cases, though, the phrase ”opposites attract” was apt.

”I was Mr Fancy Pants and he was Mr Down to Earth,” Elton says in the book. And he will always appreciate that Graham wasn’t afraid to confront him about his drinking problem. Elton even credits him with saving his life.


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As for Bernie, he told Vulture that his writing partner was able to ”track anything,” even where he played and when. Elton followed ”all the charts, and still does.” On the other hand, Bernie didn’t even know where their records were on the charts, unless someone told him.

Bernie shared more thoughts with People magazine, noting that while Elton was a showman, he preferred to stay out of the limelight. Having said that, he believes music was ”the glue” which kept them together and forged their legacy. So on that level, he thinks they ”are completely the same.”

At the latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Elton announced that he and Bernie had just finished their new album. He called it ”full of youth and vitality,” and we’re eager to find out for ourselves.

Another album of interest is Davey Johnstone‘s. Deeper-Than-My-Roots was released last year, and the guitarist has been working with his children on a follow-up. He told The-Greatest-Music-of-All-Time podcast that the Rolling Stones‘ background vocalist, Bernard Fowler, is a guest, as is Vanessa Bryan. And Davey has co-produced his friend Marlon Hoffman‘s forthcoming album, which he plays on, too.

”I just can’t stop, man, I’m always doing something.”

Davey was a guest on the Rockonteurs podcast as well, where he shared an unusual recollection. One time Elton, who’d had too much to drink, thought it would be a good idea to push his piano off the stage. He was strong enough to lift the instrument, but happily, the crew was able to prevent what could have been a serious incident.

Through the 14th of December, SiriusXM is delving into Dolly Parton‘s Rockstar sessions with Elton, Miley Cyrus, and many others.

All of the songs are being played on Dolly’s Rockstar Radio channel, and pictures of her collaborators appear on the cover of Classic-Rock magazine.


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It was in November of 1974 that Elton’s version of a classic rock number was released. Lucy-in-the-Sky-with-Diamonds was recorded with John Lennon at Colorado’s Caribou Ranch Recording Studio.

Caribou Ranch‘s former manager, John Carsello, spoke with Colorado Thirst about the time Elton wanted to see the highly anticipated movie Jaws, which hadn’t yet been released.

Elton called up Universal Pictures and said, ”I want that movie.”  He got it, and John can still picture the ranch employees with Elton’s band ”just laying around the studio floor and watching Jaws.”

That sounds like a good story for a book, and in fact, John told the Elton Blog he has started his memoirs!

We’re off for now: Check out the next Elton Blog for more music and memories. . . .

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