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Just over a week ago, Elton fell at his home in the South of France. He went to the hospital as a precaution. A representative’s announcement that Elton was released the next day and is in good health made us–and plenty of others–feel much better.

Elton’s still standing . . . and still performing. While he won’t tour anymore, Elton has said he’d play a gig here and there. Indeed, the El-Dorado-Water-Park in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, has announced ”An Evening With Elton John,” to take place at their new amphitheatre on the 6th of October. The solo show promises to be an intimate one as the venue capacity is 2,600. Even so, a number of fans are angry, with some calling it a ”mini-tour.”

Tickets will be available to the general public on September 4 through the El Dorado Park website and Uepa Tickets

Elton played the Dominican-Republic for the first time in 2014.

Those attending the October concert shouldn’t expect to hear Crocodile Rock. Elton said he didn’t plan to sing it again after his tour was finished. Nor is it among Bernie Taupin‘s favourites. Far Out magazine recalls him telling Esquire that he didn’t mind writing Crocodile Rock, but it wasn’t something he would listen to.

Bernie also spoke about this ”pop fluff” with Music Connection. He said it was ”disposable,” and would prefer to be remembered for songs which have a message, such as Candle in The Wind or Empty GardenEmpty-Garden-(Hey-Hey-Johnny) was penned after John Lennon‘s murder. We found lyrics like ”What happened here, as the New York sunset disappeared” and  ”I’ve been knocking, but no one answers,” to be haunting.

The Daily Mail has published excerpts from Bernie’s autobiography, which is due next week. He describes his initial encounter with Elton, who appeared to be a kind man wearing Buddy Holly glasses. Bernie even remembers what their first meal consisted of.

Let us know your thoughts, once you pick up a copy. And if you’re fortunate enough to catch one of the Scattershot live events, why not drop us a line?


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Elton has contributed to a new book, which is to be published in November. In Watford-Forever, written with John Preston, readers will learn about Elton’s history with Watford FC, including his friendship with the late Graham Taylor.


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In 2012, Elton formed Rocket Sports Management with Luke Lloyd-DaviesAnna Shackley is the latest signee of Rocket-Sports and in August, she received a Bronze metal from the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Congrats go out as well to Rocket Sports‘ Josie-Knight, who prevailed at the Gravel Grit ‘n Grind bike event in Halmsted, Sweden, last month.


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Next week marks the anniversary of the release of The Diving Board. This was on 13 September 2013.

A couple of days before The Diving Board hit the stores, Elton appeared on BBC Radio 2. A highlight was the Ask-Elton segment, when the vocalist responded to questions fans sent in. Topics ranged from the album title to his eyeglasses.

A radio broadcaster who played a role in the success of one of Elton’s hits will be saluted on the 17th of September in Ontario, Canada. Rosalie Trombley persuaded Elton to release Bennie-And-The-Jets as a single, figuring it would be a hit with black and white listeners. So the Open Streets Windsor festival is inviting performers to cover songs (such as Bennie And The Jets) which have been associated with Rosalie. A bronze sculpture is to be unveiled during Open Streets in the morning; later in the day, a commemorative exhibition will be unveiled at Windsor’s Chimczuk Museum.

Elton was among the many in the music world paying homage to Jimmy Buffett, who died on Friday night. He considered the 76-year-old to be ”a treasured entertainer.”

Elton added that the Margaritaville singer never let his fans down.


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