Author: Fran Gilles

Radio Elton John | STUART EPPS

We go Epic, or make that Shweppic, with our latest Shwepisode. Not enough of a hint? This man has worked with a long list of top musical artists in the UK and USA. He’s been a long-time friend of too. In our...

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Radio Elton John | ADAM CHESTER

The man who plays Elton when he doesn’t is our guest this month. Adam Chester has been Elton’s stand-in for gig rehearsals since 2005 and it all started with a Rock of the Westies album in a record store and with Davey Johnstone...

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Radio Elton John | GARY OSBORNE

As we mark Sir Elton’s 76th birthday today our special guest is lyricist Gary Anthony Osborne, who wrote the words to Blue Eyes, Shine On Through and Little Jeannie. But what word did Elton want cut out from one of Gary’s...

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