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The Family of a Boy Elton Had Hoped to Adopt is Speaking Out

Monday 14
May 2012 @ 17:04

Before Zachary was born, Elton and his partner had hoped to adopt a toddler in the Ukraine.

Now the Sun reports that Lev Ageyevas family are puzzled because they haven’t heard from the rock star.

After his adoption bid failed Elton had vowed not to give up on Lev. But the childs grandmother, Yulia, said there had been no contact from Sir Elton since she became legal guardian in February 2011.

Although she says they have received no letters, help or presents from Elton, they don’t feel hurt.

”Please don’t think so. He made my Lev famous worldwide.” 

Yulia added that she offered last year to make Elton the boys godfather, but did not hear back.

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