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A bespoke tailor who was once profiled by Cheryl’s Specials was honoured in September.


John Cutler received his Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to the fashion industry. He thanked his family, friends, work colleagues and clients of his long-running company, J.H. Cutler.
Those patrons have included the Rocket Man.
John said: ”The work I did for Elton was at a time when he was performing in Australia and New Zealand, staying at his favourite hotel in Sydney, under the harbour bridge and with a commanding view over the harbour and opera house. He had lost weight and was keen to have some of his performance clothing altered and restyled to reflect his current appearance.”
The shirtmaker was the subject of David Dowsey‘s Making the Cut: The Power and Passion Behind a Tailoring Dynasty, which had a couple of pages about Elton.
Another book with more pages pertaining to Elton is Alec Byrne‘s London Rock: The Unseen Archive. This was co-edited by Drew Evans, who has been in the photo licensing and fine art print sales business for over two decades. He informed this website’s Chief Editor that a follow-up is planned.
Since it’s in the very early stages, not much is known, but Drew is sure that there will be more ”nice Elton stuff.”
Alec previously told EJW that one of his favourites was in 1971, at the Crystal Palace Bowl, when Elton was ”doing his Jerry Lee Lewis jumps and was really into it.”

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