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Ovations And Donations.

Elton’s Dodger Stadium appearances are being celebrated by Walmart Inc, with a limited-edition line of sunglasses. Only 600 pairs will be available. Called L.A. ’22, this is an updated version of the specs Elton wore at the venue in Los Angeles, California, back in 1975. They cost $99, and include an image of Elton performing in the original frames.

Last year saw the debut of Elton John Eyewear at Sam’s Club and Walmart. Each frame was named by Elton himself. What’s more, Walmart announced they would donate at least a million dollars annually from the sales of the collection to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

As you know, the EJAF Oscar party is held in L.A. each year. David Furnish reckons they have raised $95 million in the 25 years or so: one reason why the U.S. leg of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour came to a close here. The filmmaker explained to Billboard-magazine that Los Angeles has ”always had that professional resonance.” Besides that, Elton and David have a home here, and their children were born in the City of Angels.

Speaking of twenty-five years . . . That’s how long The-Lion-King has been on Broadway in New York City. Elton says that even growing up, musicals were important to him. And he enjoyed seeing the ”awe” on his sons’ faces when they got to see the production.

Another production is courtesy of Elton and Britney Spears. It’s the acoustic version of Hold Me Closer. There’s also an official video starring Nathan Chen. The Olympic figure skating champion was accompanied by an EJ medley earlier this year, and received kudos from Elton himself.

David furnish recently posted a clip of a different performance with a variety of Elton’s songs playing. It features HIPA Essex dancers.

Elton and Tim Rice wrote a song for Dance of the Robe for Aida, which opened on New York’s Broadway in 2000. But the former didn’t dance when he returned to the stage during his Dodger Stadium encore in a glittery Dodger robe and cap! For a couple of nights, he was accompanied by Dua Lipa footage for their hit, Cold Heart (Pnau Remix). Last evening, though, Dua made a personal appearance.

Davey Johnstone‘s appearance in a video from Thursday-night was noteworthy–both for his hair, cut a bit shorter than usual, and for how he tossed out his guitar pick for a fortunate fan to catch.

• After Elton and Billy Joel stopped touring together years back, the latter has rarely shared the stage with anyone. Now, though, he and Stevie Nicks are to embark on a joint tour next year. Stevie, who was a guest on Elton’s Lockdown Sessions album, once had the opportunity to record a song penned by Bernie Taupin and Martin Page. She turned it down, as Far Out magazine has reported, and These Dreams became a hit for Heart instead.

• Slow-the-dogs-down is another Page/Taupin composition, but far less familiar to fans.

Elton saluted Bernie when he was a guest on the Lorraine TV show last week. He said he enjoys singing his friend’s lyrics more and more over time. Elton also took issue with reviews claiming he can’t hit the high notes anymore. He pointed out that he can, but it’s no longer a falsetto because of an operation on his throat in 1987.

Elton’s Apple Music show is still riding high. Last year, its 300th-episode was celebrated. Most recently, Rocket-hour‘s guest was Loony. Her real name is Kira Huszar, and Elton has previously said he ”loved that Loony” after playing one of her singles on his show.

MT is signing off for now, on another high note. The ejaf has received a million dollar donation from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Elton was joined onstage by his longtime friend, Billie Jean King, who is minority owner of the team, as well as Mark Walter, chairman and principal owner.

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