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Original Spin.

Elton and Britney Spears‘ Hold Me Closer has hit #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  It debuts at #1 on Digital Song Sales, #17 on Streaming Songs and No. 31 on Radio Songs, according to Billboard.

Did you know that the pair nearly did a music video together? That was back in 2002, and according to EJW‘s co-founder, George Matlock, Elton would have played Britney’s dad.

The role actually went to Mandy Moore, and in April 2011, she told WENN about the making of Elton’s Songs from the West Coast single Original Sin promo. She said it was ”a once-in-a-lifetime experience” to work with two legends, Elton and Elizabeth Taylor (who played the singer’s wife). Moore’s parents, who also grew up with the piano player’s music, were extras in the video.

Another entertainer with fond memories of Sir Elton is Lewis Capaldi. As this website reported on 14 August 2019, the pair had lunch, and the Scottish singer-songwriter said that afternoon was one of the best experiences of his life.

More recently [capaldi], the 25-year-old said that the two also listened to music.

”It ended up just me and him showing each other songs we liked on his iPad, which is something I’ve done with friends with a cable in my car.” So it was ”crazy” to do this with the pop legend. Capaldi also appreciated that Elton told him to call if he needed advice or just wanted to chat.

While nothing’s yet in the pipeline, the pop veteran says he’d be open to teaming up with Harry Styles, according to a report by UK radio station Capital fm.. Elton has been busy promoting Hold Me Closer, but thinks it could be ”amazing.” He also thinks that Harry’s As It Was is one of this year’s best singles, and ought to win at the Grammys.

Up-and-coming country artist Fancy Hagood was a Rocket Hour guest on 3 September 2022.  He has said he thought it was a dream, but it actually happened.

Hagood and Elton spoke about Katey Musgraves and under-represented voices in country music. Hagood joked that Musgraves performed Blue Dream Baby with him only because he has ”a lot of dirt on her.” Actually, the two have been friendly for a long time.

Elton asked if the singer/songwriter was familiar with Jake Wesley Rogers. When he replied with enthusiasm, the host quipped: ”He’s the bastard son of me and Brandi Carlile.”

An online auction site is citing some familiar music to describe a special vehicle. This was once owned by Elton. . . .

 ”The Bentley Continental R was a special car, Made in England and not just The Emperor’s New Clothes,” to quote carandclassic. It comes with 14 speakers and paperwork showing the star’s management company. Bids will be accepted through the 13September. Flash the cash if you can!

For four days in September 1988, Sotheby’s in London, England, held a much larger auction. Elton sold off many of his possessions, and his eyeglasses proved to be particularly popular. Each pair sold for at least $1,500. However, the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles, Calif., shelled out $17,000 for a battery-operated pair which lit up and spelled his name. Another big seller was a pair of boots. These weren’t any other boots but the ones worn by the ”Pinball Wizard” in the 1975 movie Tommy. They went for approximately $20,000, reported UCR,. to a representative from the British manufacturer of Doc Martens, who said they would be used for ”exhibitions and marketing.’

From apparel to set lists, Elton John tribute artists have a lot to consider–but earlobes? That was the case with Craig van Batenburg, who used to appear as the singer onstage. He says his resemblance to Elton is ”pretty weird. I even have a space in my front teeth, and my lower earlobes are the same.”

The Massachusetts resident almost got to meet the man himself. One time, a woman claiming to be Elton’s hairdresser, thought the two should meet. She brought Craig upstairs, where the musician had ”the whole ninth floor.” Unfortunately, Elton had already gone to bed, reported WorcesterMag.

Another time, a customer of his auto shop (which he’s owned for decades) announced she had tickets for Billie Jean King‘s tennis match and would leave him a pair, as she had to go out of town.

”I went in there, and I was dressed like Elton John for the fun of it.” The entertainer was there, and ”I stopped to look at him, and he stopped to look at me.”

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