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Heads up on a special edition from Radio Elton John coming your way at 1800 BST on Saturday 29 July.

This edition will be the first time we have held a Fan Roundtable at the station. We cram no less than 5 guests into the studio! As well as getting to know more about these fans, who belong to a larger family we call Fan Royalty, the Roundtable will discuss the end of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, and what it all means for decades-old fans.

The first-ever fan on Radio Elton John in 2022 was David Scott Crawford, although it is true that he had just that week released an album of his own, featuring the guidance of Elton team members Paul Buckmaster and Dave Hentschel.

The Roundtable guests joining host George Matlock

We’ve also recently spoken with Elton fan Adam Chester, although he too has had a key part on stage with Elton.

So now the broadcaster connects with other fans who were with Elton at his very last Tour dates this month in Stockholm.

See if you recognise the faces in the picture that match the names: Stephan Heimbecher, founder of Rocket Fan, latterly Hercules Fan Club, Paul Smith, founder of Elton John Online, Wayne Martin from Boston, and Sandra and Tania Differding from Luxembourg who perform with Elton guitarist John Jorgenson.

Be sure to subscribe to Radio Elton John to avoid missing the new episode when it drops. And to hear previous editions that have already featured Charlie Morgan, Kenny Passarelli, Kiki Dee, Gary Osborne and Stuart Epps.

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