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Farewell Yellow Brick Road: Memories of My Life on Tour comes out on 24 September. According to the Best Classic Bands website, items about the headliner’s Gucci wardrobe and set design can be anticipated. Also in the book, Elton recollects other tours and the beginning of his career while sharing images and memorabilia which haven’t been seen before. The foreword was penned by David Furnish, Elton’s husband and manager. He was also the Farewell Yellow Brick Road’s Creative Director.

Elton may no longer tour, but he does turn up for an occasional performance. On 5 June, he is to play the Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will headline their Appreciation Bash at Allegiant Stadium.


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We appreciate hearing from EJ buff and puppeteer Wayne Martin, who wanted to address conflicting reports about the entertainer’s knee surgery. He explained that earlier this year, Elton’s left knee was operated on. In early May 2024, the star goes back in hospital to have his right knee replaced.

”You may have noticed him wearing a shoe brace since January,” Wayne wrote. ”This is because with the left knee replaced, it straightened out his leg, making it longer than his right. Replacing the right knee should make them the same length and correct the problem.” Wayne believes that Elton has needed the procedures for years, but put them off because of touring commitments.

TikTok fans surely appreciate that the social media platform and Universal Music Group have resolved their issues. So UMG acts like Elton, Coldplay, Bob Dylan, and Bad Bunny are back on TikTok, says a UMG press release. The company pulled their performers and songwriters after a dispute over royalty agreements and AI policies. Now they’ve reached an accord which promises improved remuneration as well as promotional and engagement opportunities. AI concerns have been addressed, too.

You may have heard about Amazon Music‘s Pride Month celebrations in 2022, during which Orville Peck covered Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters from Elton’s Honky Chateau album. Orville thought the storytelling was ”evocative,” as well as ”witty and whimsical but also heartbreaking.”

Now Orville has teamed up with Elton on a new version of Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) for a disc of duets due on the 10th of May [other collaborators include Willie Nelson and Allison Russell]. Riff magazine considers the Peck/John duet to be Stampede No. 1‘s ”sonic outlier.”

The Live Aid musical, Just For One Day, with songs by Elton and other A-listers, didn’t cause a stampede when it recently played London, England. But it did enjoy a sellout run. Next up is the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto, Canada, from 28 January through 16 March, 2025. Ten percent of all tickets sales will be donated to the Band Aid Charitable Trust, which supports organisations fighting famine and poverty. Cast members are yet to be announced, and there’s talk of the musical coming to New York’s Broadway. Yet the man behind Live Aid, Bob Geldof, wasn’t initially keen on the idea of a musical.

Just For One Day has been ”Played and Remade,” coincidentally the title of a new art show at the Piano Shop Bath in Somerset, England. A standout is Kirk Andrews, who recycled piano parts for a re-creation of Robert Knight‘s old photo of Elton with a boa scarf.

Another UK display–Music Seen–has a photograph from the 2001 Top of the Pops 2 Elton John Special. Filming took place at London’s Riverside Studios, and the photographer was Mark AllanRiverside is now hosting the  free exhibition (through the first of June). Perhaps you caught this Top of the Pops which saw Elton sings half a dozen tunes from his new Songs From The West Coast album. Why not contact us  aboutthis or other EJ TV appearances you’ve enjoyed?

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