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The Elton Blog has reported on some newsworthy auctions, and look forward to a biggie early next year. According to the New York Times, Elton will be selling artwork and pianos at Christies. Specifics have yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Elton has unveiled a new campaign. The EJAF‘s Rocket-Fund has teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury‘s cosmetics company to offer a couple of lipsticks as well as a Rock Star bag. It’s also a celebration, as it was half a century ago–on 23 November, 1973–when the festive Step Into Christmas made its debut. That’s what fans hear in the promotional video as Elton plays piano, and is joined by Charlotte, Kate Moss and Rina Sawayama.

Bernie Taupin continues to be more visible than in the past, as he promotes his autobiography, Scattershot. On Chris Evans‘ Virgin-Radio-UK show last Monday, he shared that he and Elton are looking forward to going back into the studio. ”We’ve still got a lot to say,” he noted.

Bernie also recollected how Your Song was created–very much the way the Rocketman biopic portrayed it.

He remembers writing at the breakfast table, and that Elton’s mum was in the kitchen. He explained the song’s ”pregnant pauses” were because that’s how his mind worked at the time. He was naive back then, but  acknowledged that ”sometimes the most classical pieces happen in the shortest time.”

On Friday night’s Graham-Norton-Show, Bernie said it took him half an hour to compose Goodbye England’s Rose for Princess Diana, a reboot of Candle in the Wind.

”Candle” was part of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, which is now 50 years old. Among the disc’s ”cool things,” according to CultureSonar, was the songwriters’ speed: three days for Elton to compose all of the music; two and half weeks for Bernie to do the lyrics. Also cited were the working titles, which included Vodka and Tonics (from a line in the title track) and Silent Movies, Talking Pictures.

Axl Rose apparently admired Ive-Seen-That-Movie-Too, since he name-checked the GBYBR song in Guns ‘N Roses‘ You Could Be Mine.

We liked the verse about keeping ”your auditions for somebody who hasn’t got so much to lose.” Best of all was the unusual admonishment to ”stop twinkling your star like you do.”

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road sampling was part of the set list when Elton played the El Dorado Water Park in the Dominican Republic on Friday night.

As reported by Elton-Blog-25, artists and writers were invited to come up with work inspired by the 1973 release. Louise Welland‘s Our Yellow Brick Road collage, which includes Elton and Marilyn Monroe, was voted the #1 art entry. But she told us that the aim was to also depict people who are or were well-known in Watford, England, where the contest was held. So Stan Freeman, who ran a local music store is there, as are performers such as George MichaelGeri Halliwell, and footballer-turned actor Bradley Walsh. Among others are boxer Anthony Joshua and Watford FC‘s former manager Graham Taylor.

Sumi Watters won for literature, with Aeroplanes and Electric Boots. We were reminded, though, of The-Greatest-Discovery, as both works introduce ”a brand new brother.”

In 1973, Mal Pope was signed to Rocket Records. Elton was impressed by the thirteen-year-old’s writing skills–”so advanced for someone so young.” Unfortunately, Mal’s voice broke, so his LP was put on the back burner. Maldwyn’s ”Lost Album” has been remixed and is out now. The title is obviously an appreciative nod to Elton’s record company as it’s called Rocket Boy.

@mal.popeHere’s Elton John talking about why he signed @malpope to Rocket Records in Oct 1973. The ‘lost album’, lost because Mal’s voice broke has now been remixed and remastered. Available to stream and download… @BoomRadioUK @MikeReadUK @BBCRadioWales♬ original sound – Mal Pope

A musical salute to the Live Aid concert is planned for the Old Vic in London, England. Just-For-One-Day will have songs from Elton and other Live Aid performers. Don’t expect to see anyone wearing a hat like Elton’s–which reminded Freddie Mercury of the Queen MotherBob Geldof, who organised the eighties fundraiser, points out that no one will dress up like the stars. Instead, the music will drive the drama, which is based on actual testimony from that day.


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You may have heard that music from Elton and Dua Lipa helped drive an ABBA star’s new project. Jorgen Eloffson, who produced Agnetha Falkskog‘s A+, told the BBC that Cold Heart is powerful, and ”pushes you forward,” yet the beat’s ”really relaxed.”

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