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Elton will be among the performers at the Rock-And-Roll-Hall-of-Fame ceremony on 3 November. Bernie Taupin is among the inductees, and for the first time, the event will be broadcast live. This will be on Disney+, and can be streamed afterwards. You can also catch highlights on ABC, on the first of January.

Tickets are on sale for fans opting to attend the proceedings at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

For one of his appearances at the Brooklyn arena, the premium-services-manager asked for ideas as to what sort of hospitality gift would be appropriate. We thought it would be nice to come up with something of personal significance that he could wear. Elton is fond of jewelry, so that’s what he got. But this wound up being more than a simple diamond bracelet. Celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz made sure the initials of Elton’s sons were on the charms.

Many have been more alarmed than charmed after UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman‘s recent comments. She suggested that discrimination against gay people or women shouldn’t be enough to qualify for protection under international refugee laws. The Elton-John-AIDS-Foundation reacted immediately. They pointed out that homosexuality is still punishable by death in 11 countries, and say the politician’s comments ”legitimise hate and violence.”

Braverman then said she has ”huge admiration” for Elton, but thinks ”we need to be clear about what constitutes persecution.” She went on to suggest that some people ”game” the system by pretending to be gay.

A few years ago, Elton and Troye Sivana-young-pop-star, shared their coming out experiences. Troye also asked Elton if he still get nervous. Elton said sometimes, such as when he was facing the first show of a new tour or if he had a new set list. Most recently, Troye was a Rocket Hour guest.

Last week, Chappell Roan was on Elton’s Apple Music show to discuss her debut album. She has previously covered Your-Song so it appears they are mutual admirers.

Paul-B-Lotz also has had Your Song on his mind. One of the bronze artist’s pieces is named If I Was a Sculptor (Elton John Tribute). Other inspirations can be found in the artwork itself. There’s Tiny Dancer, with a depiction of a ballerina; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (a small brick road); Crocodile Rock with its famous reptile; Candle In The Wind (as illustrated by Marilyn Monroe); and Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (with what looks to be Lewis Carroll‘s Hatter). Best of all is Rocket Man, with a portrayal of the singer soaring along in star-shaped glasses.


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Tom-Cridland, who has an Elton John tribute act, is active with his podcast as well. His next guest–date to be announced but in October–will be Davey Johnstone. This is to be Davey’s fourth Greatest Music of All Time appearance, and albums such as Breaking HeartsReg Strikes Back, and Peachtree Road will be discussed.

Saturday was International Podcast Day, so Radio-Elton celebrated with ”Legs” Larry Smith. He tap-danced on Elton’s Honky Chateau album, and was a member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

This edition of the Elton Blog is coming to an end, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a couple of fabulous album anniversaries. On 1 October 2001, Songs From The West Coast was released. And it was on 5 October 1973 that Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was released. It has been suggested that  the cover‘s illustration has Elton starting his journey, not ending it. So perhaps it should have been called ”Hello Yellow Brick Road”?

At any rate, the 50-year milestone has inspired a new line of merchandise (primarily hoodies and tees). In addition, Elton has announced that for the first time, the songs can be heard of Dolby Atmos.

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