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Elton says he will have a different setlist from the usual and special guests when he plays Glastonbury, but folks will have to wait to discover the surprises. He also told the BBC’s Scott-Mills (at 1:27:42) that he’s a bit intimidated, having never played the festival before. And while Elton won’t be going on the road anymore (after Stockholm, Sweden, on 8 July), he isn’t forsaking music.

”The piano won’t go away forever,” he declared. It will be ”very sporadic,” though. Meanwhile, Elton is surprised his voice has been this good, and thinks it is because he’s happy with his personal life, as well as with his professional life.

The Western Gazette has tried to guess who some of Elton’s Glastonbury guests might be. Harry Styles was among them, as Elton has said he’d like to collaborate with him. Other ”plausible” names are Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, and Lil Nas X. The latter, who contributed to The Lockdown Sessions album, is to appear at Glastonbury right before Elton, so this sounds logical. A recent press release indicates that one thing’s for certain: BBC TV will be covering the event. In addition, BBC Radio 2‘s OJ Borg plans to go live with Elton’s set.

Elton had his final O2 show in London last week, and among the attendees were the Beckhams. David-Beckham and his daughter, Harper, had an especially swell time, cuddling together and singing along.

Also in England, Elton had three dates at Manchester’s AO-Arena, where he took time out to mention earlier appearances in the city. These included former establishments such as the Twisted Wheel and the Oasis. Elton made it clear that he considers Manchester a great place to perform.

Getting to Elton’s gigs was another matter for some. Transport-for-Greater-Manchester pointed out that roads could be congested because of a rail strike. They borrowed a line from Your Song, suggesting: ”You can tell everybody to look at our travel tips.”

Manchester-City won the FA Cup on Saturday night. After arriving back from Wembley, they ran into Elton at the airport, where they serenaded him with Your Song. Manager Pep Gardiola had attended Elton’s AO Arena show on Wednesday evening. Pep met Elton when his team played Watford a few years ago, and told BBC Radio 5 Live that one of his dreams was to see the performer in concert and hear Your Song.

Bernie Taupin is taking Reflections–prints celebrating his partnership with Elton as well as the Farewell Yellow Brick tour–on the road one more time. The art will be displayed at the Choice Contemporary gallery in Los Angeles, California, where the opening is set for the 17th of June.


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Bernie has a new song, written with Brandi Carlile. Breakfast-in-Birmingham, on Tanya Tucker‘s just-released album, Sweet Western Sound, is a duet featuring Brandi and Tanya. Incidentally, Birmingham (in the UK, not Alabama) is on Elton’s schedule. He’s to be at the Utilitas Arena on 8 June.

Do you recollect the two Watford murals paying tribute to Elton?

MurWalls was behind them, and the company’s CEO/founder Marc Silver tells the Elton Blog that the reaction to them has been ”fantastic.” So they hope to be releasing some prints soon.

Another salute has been put together by British-Vogue . . . an impressive array of Elton John photos. They have chosen his best looks over the years . . . everything from shorts and jeans to a tuxedo, and there’s even a sequined cowboy hat in the mix. If you prefer a personal view (and happen to be in London), Elton’s Donald Duck outfit from his Central Park concert in 1980 is at the newest Elton John Eyewear pop-up, located at 59 Greek Street.

While we knew Elton was an art connoisseur, it’s surprising to learn that he wishes he could paint. That’s what he told the Vanity-Fair Proust Questionnaire. Elton was also asked about what is the most overrated virtue (”a stiff upper lip”) and the greatest loves of his life (his husband and their sons).

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