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BACKSTAGE: Sweet Painted Lady?
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George Matlock chats tats with Eviltwin, Elton’s alter ego?
11 October 2000 @ 2:57

Summer is on its way, and there should be a lot more naked flesh about in the northern hemisphere. But some people will look decidedly “clothed” when they are not. That’s the tattoo brigade. For all his extravagancies, Elton is not known to have ever burned his skin in the name of lasting art, but some of his fans sure have.

One American fan, who calls herself Eviltwin, has gone further. She has about half her body covered in the permanent images of Elton from different scenes and eras.

George Matlock: You call yourself Eviltwin on your website. What’s the significance of that name?

Eviltwin: I am an identical twin, I am the evil one of us two, so I just kinda earned the name the honest way I suppose… now it has stuck, my tag on my car even says “eviltwin”!

GM: What’s your real name?

ET: My real name is Tonie Anthony Jeter. My twin sister’s name is Tonia. No one actually calls me eviltwin in public or anything. Mostly it’s just “twin” or “sister” or “bitch”!! I am 26, and married.
GM: What part of the world are you from?

ET: I live in North Carolina. I am actually quite disappointed with Elton because he has not come to Charlotte in almost four years now. It’s hard for me to see him otherwise!

GM: Well, Tonie, you’re definitely no Grey Seal, judging by the array of colourful tattoos on your body. How did you come by tattooing your body?

BACKSTAGESweetPaintedLadyET: My twin sister got a tat above her knee of the raven (like E.A. Poe’s) and so I thought hey! that’s pretty cool…So I thought hard and long and settled on the Captain Fantastic logo. While Luke (my tat artist) was doing it, we joked about doing a whole collage. Well anyone who has a tat can tell you how addictive they are. Nearly a year later, I had finally decided to go all out. Next I got the Harmony locket, then it just went downhill from there! I get them done a little at a time, $50 here, $25 there. Whatever I can afford and whatever Luke has time for.
GM: Why did you choose Elton?

ET: Because Elton is like a GOD! No seriously. I LOVE him! I wanted to get something that meant something special to me. And my other interests are serial killers and horror films. I thought that the Elton artwork might be more presentable in public!

GM: What parts of your body are tattooed? And which tattoo is on which part?

ET: The Elton tat is on my right leg just below my knee. It’s about 6 inches tall and goes all the way around in a circle.
GM: Dare I ask why you have selected the tattoos for their specific coverage on that part of your body?

ET: I am fat, there is no other way around it. I decided if it was gonna be in an area that everyone would see it would have to be somewhere I was happy with. I wear shorts all the time so I don’t mind people seeing my chubby legs!!

GM: Do other parts of your body sport tattoos?

ET: I also have the symbol from my favourite comic book character on my shoulder blade (Rorschach from The Watchmen) and “Thing One” from Dr. Suess on my upper arm. Except on its belly, instead of Thing One, it says: “Twin A” because I was first, my sister has “Twin B”!

GM: Was it painful to put these tattoos on? And are they the real thing? Not washable?

ET: Anyone who says that their tat did not hurt was either drunk or stoned! It hurt like heck, but Elton is a passion of mine so I just sang through the pain!! Luke lets me pop in an Elton CD (he is also a fan!) and we both sing away while he scrapes the ink onto my body! Nope, not washable temporary stuff here. This is gonna stay for life!

GM: Is it possible to get these items in washable format? I’m sure many fans would snap them up!BACKSTAGESweetPaintedLady

ET: I don’t reckon they can. These are all Luke Edwards originals (aside from the album art that I specifically had him do, Blue Moves, and Captain Fantastic) the piece was done one tat at a time. We didn’t plan it. It was made over a three year period and about 30 man hours was probably put into it. I can recollect how much money! (not enough I am sure, this thing is priceless!) Luke is amazing, he leads a band called Tater ( and runs a bagel shop as well. He played Holiday Inn at my wedding reception! I cried!
GM: Well Tonie, it’s been a pleasure interviewing.

ET: Thanks for having me. Your readers are welcome to come and check out the tats.. it is actually quite behind, [she means backlog here!]. I have gotten more since then! I am getting Road to El Dorado done in a few weeks!

GM: Guess I’ll never be able to listen to Chameleon or to Amoreena in the same way again. Recall that lyric: “Down the bronze of your body.”

This interview was conducted in October 2000

Health Warning! We do not condone to application of tattoos by unlicensed operators. Serious injury can be sustained from unprofessional work. Tattoos are also a life-long image which one day you or your loved ones may grow tired of. So think twice! Ask the question: Can I Put You On?

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