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Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Elton played Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, on Friday night. He told the crowd he had just tested negative for Covid, after contracting it again in New York. So he said his voice might not be at 100%, but he did not want to let fans down. A reviewer thought it only impacted Elton’s high notes and was impressed with the overall performance.

It was in August 1970 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California, where the Rocket Man’s career took off and he received rave reviews. Photographer Ed Caraeff was among the attendees. He also took the Honky Chateau and Caribou album cover pictures. Iggy PopCarly Simon, and Jimi Hendrix are among his other subjects.

With all of that, Ed Caraeff has never had a solo exhibition–until now. Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin, Texas has announced that the show will open on the 6th of October, and the artist will be in attendance.

Last month, IKEA Canada unveiled a new brand platform anchored by the phrase, Bring Home to Life (La maison c’est la vie in French). The launch film made its debut during the Emmy Awards, set to a cover of Your Song by two-time Juno Award nominee AHI.

The company wants to show how their products and services help people bring the spaces which matter the most to them, to life.

On the subject of Canada . . . Elton and his family now have a home in Toronto. His husband has family there, and they have spent a lot of time in the area. Their new condo is called The Treehouse because there’s an actual tree growing inside! It’s hard not to think of that line in Burn Down The Mission: ”You tell me there’s an angel in your tree.” Or how about Angel Tree from 1968? You’ll recollect that it was part of the Regimental Sgt Zippo album, which was not released  .  . . until Record Store Day last year!

Another old tune has been on Steve Hilfiker‘s mind lately. He was in the first and second rows at the star’s April shows in Orlando and Miami, respectively, where he held up a sign reading ”Heart transplant from Daniel.”

Steve hoped that Elton would notice and want to learn more–perhaps even becoming an advocate for organ donation. Elton did look over and smile, probably thinking about his own hit, Daniel, but nothing more came of this.

Steve has gotten to know another important person: Vanessa Blais, the sister of organ donor Daniel. They attended the Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, last month. Although both held up signs, they were not acknowledged.

Since receiving his new heart, Hilfiker has started two foundations to promote organ donation and to push for a cure for cardiac sarcidosis, which caused his heart failure. The name of his organisation, appropriately enough, is the Daniel Foundation, which posted this message for Elton.

This writer is grateful to Theoden Janes, who is with the Charlotte Observer. He covered this story and shared it with MT.

EJW often shares news about memorabilia, and there will soon be three sales awards for Elton John albums to bid on. Two of Heritage Auctions‘ lots feature RIAA Gold Sales Awards: There’s one for Honky Chateau, which reached the top spot in the States on the Billboard chart in 1972. Another is for Blue Moves, which came out in 1976.

There’s also an In-House Appreciation Platinum Sales Award, from MCA, for Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, released in 1975.

While on the subject of old LPs, EJW  reported that Davey Johnstone recently talked about recording Caribou at Colorado’s Caribou Ranch Recording Studio. Now Elton’s former guitar player is weighing in on the defunct studio. Caleb Quaye recalls working on Rock of the Westies and feeling like he was in a movie at  Caribou Ranch Recording Studio.


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• It’s been decades since Elton had a drink. But he’s included in a new book called How to Drink Like a Rock Star: Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Music Legends.

Publicist Jennifer Brunn explained to EJW Specials that the idea grew out out of a previous Apollo Publisher book, which has enjoyed some success, How to Drink Like a Writer.

How to Drink Like a Rock Star contains a recipe inspired by what Elton once told Graham Norton. He said that not only was he an alcoholic, he used to drink a bottle of Johnny Walker Black a day: hence Elton John’s Johnnie & Lemon.

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