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Dear Elton John fans. The wait is over. Today eltonjohnworld is back online after a month of major beef ups and a change to a lot of technical aspects about the website.

Although you may still see some fine tuning in the weeks ahead as we align things, we are back in time to welcome Elton’s resumption of touring in the Americas, his last ever.

The changes during August were more than simple fine tuning. We had an overhaul. Our thanks goes as ever to Fran Gilles for this.

The website first launched on 25 March 2002. In 2013 eltonjohnworld 2.0 was born when we migrated the website in a major move. As we celebrated 20 years of your favourite Elton fan site this year we realised it was time to make some bold changes as Elton’s career evolves and technological progress means we can introduce new features.

As we embarked on the website changes, one of the things which really startled us was the sheer volume of news that we have brought you in the internet age. We also came across some real gems and this, along with reader feedback, prompted us to consider promoting our “back catalogue” much more. So we will dig Durban Deep to bring you featured archives every month.

They say “best out of three” and so we hope you like Elton John World 3.0 which launched today. You will see some rebranding. Newswire is where you will get the news, offered in special twice-weekly digests called Meal Ticket by our correspondent Cheryl Herman. We also introduce a podcast hosted by co-founder George Matlock. And we showcase a major archive item, presented by co-founder Fran Gilles.

Unlike sound engineers, we actually love feedback! So we encourage readers to write to us and to comment on stories we have published. We also hope to interview some of you for the podcast series.

We hope you like these additions and other changes that we have made and we hope to interact with you much more in the future. Thanks for your support and loyalty over 20 years. And here’s to the next time.

George Matlock, Fran Gilles, Cheryl Herman 2022

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